Fairfield County, SC

County Name: 
South Carolina

Fairfield County, SC Inquests

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Namesort descending Deceased Description Date Inquest Location Death Type Death Method
Lizzie Coleman at A.P. Irby's plantation Accident
Lizzie May Crosby at Feasterville Accident
Loney November 20, 1848 at Harrisons Ferry Accident
Lucilla S. Gresham Chester Co., at Shelton Depot Accident
Lucinda Scott September 9, 1878 at P. Hastings' Plantation Natural Causes
Madison Harper September 23, 1867 at the residence of R.E. Ellison Natural Causes
Madison Materson at Blythewood Natural Causes
Mag Potee at N.D. Roberts place Natural Causes
Maggie Henderson at the Dr. Sam Mobley place Accident
Manerva Proctor September 19, 1876 at Thomas Anderson's place Natural Causes
Manuel Coleman at Manuel Coleman's Natural Causes
Marcus Pickens December 5, 1860 near the residence of William Widener's Accident
Margret Ann Kinncade at W.B. Murry's Place Accident
Maria Powell at the Paggitt place Natural Causes
Martha Armstrong March 30, 1840 at the house of Archibald Armstrong Homicide
Martha Stevenson Natural Causes
Martha Stevenson at Daniel Stevenson's Natural Causes
Martin Armstrong at Bethel Church Unknown
Martin Dunn July 31, 1868 at Samuel H. Stevenson's Unknown
Mary Belton at the Sylvia Brice Place Homicide
Mary Brooks near Bells[?] Bridge Unknown
Mary Brown's infant at William Brice's place Accident
Mary Cook at Henry Cook's Natural Causes
Mary Knopp Natural Causes
Mary Robertson at the Gailiard grave yard Accident
Mary Robertson Homicide bed slat
Mary Whitman at R.E. Martin's Natural Causes
Matilda Hall June 28, 1880 at residence of deceased on plantation of C.S. Brice Natural Causes
Matt July 14, 1838 at the plantation of Samuel Mobley Accident lightning
Mattie Brown March 30, 1880 on plantation of Mrs. Frances Yongue Accident
Mattie Woods at Jim[?] Sawyer's Accident
May March 20, 1832 at the plantation of Doctor William Bratton on Wateree Creek Natural Causes
Milly Thomas October 8, 1878 at Winnsboro Accident
Nancey Means December 22, 1879 at D.T. Gibson's Natural Causes
Nancy James March 13, 1875 at Thomas[?] Fegins[?] Accident
Ned February 15, 1831 near the house of Joseph Gladney Little River Accident
Nelson Davis at Blythewood Homicide pistol
Nettie Frazier at the plantation of Mrs. Nancy Youngue Natural Causes
Oscar Latter at the Nancy Rabb place Accident
Oscar Matthews November 23, 1877 at C.H.[?] Matthews' Accident
Patrick Bell at Middlesex Suicide
Patsy Johnston at Bell plantation Natural Causes
Pauline Paulding[?] at Captain John Thomas' Place Accident
Peggyann Goings at S.R. Rutland's Accident
Peter July 7, 1833 at the plantation of Captain Chernal[?] Durham Suicide
Peter Gadsden November 28, 1873 near Doko[?] Accident
Phebe February 25, 1832 at the house of Littleton Kelly Accident tree fall
Phillip McDonough December 13, 1829 at the house of Thomas Nelson in the town of Winnsborough Suicide razor
Phillis August 18, 1831 at the house of Charles P. Stone Natural Causes
Pinkie Lemmon at J.H. Aiken's Natural Causes

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