Laurens County, SC

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South Carolina

Laurens County, SC Inquests

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Name Deceased Description Date Inquest Location Death Type Death Methodsort descending
Charley Martin June 23, 1889 at Lanfords station Natural Causes
Sam Dehays October 23, 1870 at Thernus quarter Homicide
Daniel Williams January 3, 1822 at Mrs. Mary Williams Suicide
Edmond May 5, 1828 on the premises of David Higgins Accident
Jesse Bell January 20, 1839 at the House of Mrs Elizabeth Ward Accident
William McDonald December 25, 1803 in the District aforesaid Accident
Euphemia Jones child February 6, 1894 on the plantation of Mr. Stroud Accident
Infant child of Laurens & Nelly Simpson Infant child of Laurens & Nelly Simpson June 18, 1890 at Laurens Simpsons Accident
Fanny Sullivan at JS Martins Natural Causes
Certain Mail Bastard Child Certain Mail Bastard Child January 16, 1838 at the house of Joseph McConathy Homicide
Ralph R. Deming April 16, 1825 Suicide
Harvey G. Elliott February 6, 1867 at Laurens CH Accident
Unknown Infant at Samuel Fleming's Plantation Unknown Infant at Samuel Fleming's Plantation July 29, 1855 at Samuel Flemings plantation Unknown
Jack February 12, 1830 at John McClintock's Accident
Bessie Marshal child November 22, 1893 at Henry Foster's Natural Causes
Butler Farmer December 20, 1890 on M B Pools Plantation Accident
Alfred Gage May 21, 1890 at Milton Accident
Answorth Middleton December 3, 1816 at James Boyds Natural Causes
Dobydick Golding May 12, 1875 at Office Trial Justice Bird Accident
Mary Sullivan February 9, 1875 Unknown
John Weston December 31, 1890 on the plantaion of Robt Bailey Accident
Rachael Watts July 29, 1889 at W.B. Fullers place near Cross Hill Natural Causes
Infant of Lucy Fowler Infant of Lucy Fowler April 23, 1870 at the Barrieing [sic] ground near the Residence of John Ball Accident
Reuben Ligon June 23, 1814 at Reuben Ligons Suicide
John Larke December 14, 1884 at J D Sullivans place Homicide
Joseph Butler October 8, 1836 at John H. Byrds Homicide
Virgil November 17, 1844 in the woods near to George Blakely plantation Suicide
Janie Watts October 11, 1891 at R O Hairston Accident
George Dillard February 2, 1885 at Taylormill Accident
Infant of Nann Williams Infant of Nann Williams February 4, 1889 at Nelly Sanders Homicide
William Washington August 11, 1813 at William Washingtons Suicide
Henry November 24, 1851 at J.H. Dillards Accident
James W. Craven October 12, 1830 at the Tumbling shoals Accident
Emma Campbell March 30, 1893 at Frank Williams residence Suicide
Infant of Adeline Teague Infant of Adeline Teague August 18, 1894 at Laurens County Court House Accident
George April 21, 1858 at Dr J G Tragham's Natural Causes
O. P. Brown October 27, 1851 at Durbin Creek Accident
Peter October 25, 1854 Homicide
John Owens January 31, 1891 at the Lem Williams place Accident
Dan Richardson June 28, 1890 at T.J. Sullivans Residence Accident
Matildy Posey July 13, 1831 at Charles Poseys Suicide
Haman Miller October 30, 1824 at Blacks Store Homicide
Tom December 12, 1813 at Col. Starling Tucker's Suicide
Elsie Sloan November 17, 1889 on the plantation of J H Sloan Natural Causes
Young Fuller May 3, 1854 at Mary McCrackins Homicide axe
George Huggins November 30, 1814 at John Pitts Homicide axe
Barbara Milam September 25, 1850 at T R Milams Homicide axe
Nance June 21, 1850 at James Youngs Homicide hickory stick
William Evans July 4, 1894 on the Foley plantation Homicide hoe
Jarrett February 9, 1809 at the House of James Loughridge Homicide hoe

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