Chesterfield County, SC

County Name: 
South Carolina

Chesterfield County, SC Inquests

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Name Deceased Description Datesort ascending Inquest Location Death Type Death Method
Alexander T. Johnson December 2, 1895 at the residence of M.J. Johnson Natural Causes
Infant of Rick Rogers Infant of Rick Rogers June 11, 1895 at J.B. Buchannon's place Accident
Unknown Infant Unknown Infant March 27, 1895 at Daniel McGarland's place Natural Causes
Ben F. Williams March 13, 1895 at M. C. Williams Accident
Curtis Outlaw February 21, 1895 at Campbell's Graveyard Natural Causes
Chas McQueen February 5, 1895 at Chas. McQueen's place Accident
Sabia Covington January 14, 1895 at Chesterfield C. H. Natural Causes
Infant of Pearl Oliver Infant of Pearl Oliver December 26, 1894 at D. A. Redfearn's Place Natural Causes
Infant of C. P. Rushing Infant of C. P. Rushing December 19, 1894 at C. P. Rushing's Place Natural Causes
Infant of Mary Sellers Infant of Mary Sellers December 1, 1894 at J. H. Seller's Natural Causes
Henry Leard Bancum November 29, 1894 at W. H. Funderburk's Natural Causes
George Myers October 21, 1894 at Hornsboro Natural Causes
D. L. Campbell October 21, 1894 at the residence of D. L. Campbell Natural Causes
Malsey A. Blakeny August 12, 1894 at the house of W. E. Courtney Natural Causes
Thomas Tillman July 22, 1894 at Thomas Tillman's place Natural Causes
W. L. Pegues July 16, 1894 at Cheraw Natural Causes
Emanuel Courtney June 6, 1894 at Junsey Courtney Accident
Eva Tucker May 29, 1894 at R. P. Tucker's place Accident
Adam Eubanks April 19, 1894 at the residence of the deceased Natural Causes
Austin Dunlap April 10, 1894 at Waterman Robinson's Accident
Charity Goldplate March 9, 1894 at Dr. McKay's place Accident lightning
Infant February 3, 1894 at J. B. Presson's Natural Causes
R. H. Crawford January 26, 1894 at Elisha Boans Natural Causes
Anna Braboy January 13, 1894 at Cheraw Natural Causes
Dora Jackson December 26, 1893 near Cheraw Natural Causes
Lee Roy Almond November 18, 1893 at R. J. Almond's Natural Causes
Lusindy Gainey November 15, 1893 at Spring Hill Accident
Joe Malloy October 25, 1893 at George Lany's Accident
Walden C. Sullivan September 12, 1893 at the house of Mr. John A. Sullivan Accident
Catherine Smith September 4, 1893 at D. A. Smith's Natural Causes
John Boone July 31, 1893 at the residence of Jno Boone Natural Causes
Sarah Johnson July 8, 1893 at Hebron Church Natural Causes
Henry Blakeny June 6, 1893 at Ana Deason Homicide
Unknown Infant Unknown Infant June 5, 1893 at C. B. Collins Unknown
Solomon Wilks April 3, 1893 at Soloman Wilks Other
Susan Oliver March 27, 1893 at W. B. Oliver's Natural Causes
Hannah Lee March 7, 1893 at Moor Church Accident
Henry Tucker January 16, 1893 at Robert Tucker's place Accident wagon
Allen Melton January 6, 1893 at the residence of Mr. James Cottege Natural Causes
H. F. Nivens January 1, 1893 at John Parker Natural Causes
Willie Parker December 21, 1892 at S. Parkers Accident
Willie McDuffey December 8, 1892 at W. J. Streaters Other
Samuel Threatt November 4, 1892 at Samuel Threatt's Natural Causes
Edmond Long October 2, 1892 at Cheraw Accident
Christen Turnage August 29, 1892 at Robert Turnage Natural Causes
Duncan Fleming August 6, 1892 at Pervis Bridge Accident
Margret Douglass March 10, 1892 at Chesterfield Court House Accident
Oliver Lee February 17, 1892 at Cokers Mill Accident
Annie Jefferson January 19, 1892 at Bary Rosie Natural Causes
William A. Jordan December 12, 1891 at William M. Jordan's Natural Causes

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