Chesterfield County, SC

County Name: 
South Carolina

Chesterfield County, SC Inquests

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Name Deceased Description Date Inquest Location Death Type Death Methodsort ascending
Henry Tucker January 16, 1893 at Robert Tucker's place Accident wagon
Ford Rayfield August 17, 1935 at Patrick Homicide truck
Redmer A. Burch June 20, 1947 at Mt Croghan, S.C. Accident truck
Marion Tolson July 28, 1941 at Chesterfield Accident truck
Albert W. Wilkins November 22, 1938 at Cheraw Accident truck
Otis Terry August 8, 1934 at Pageland Accident truck
Ben Baker September 15, 1934 at Jefferson Accident truck
Robert Harold Mills January 29, 1936 at Pageland Accident truck
Dorothy Wise July 29, 1947 at Cheraw, S.C. Accident truck
Virginia Fletcher September 15, 1934 at Jefferson Accident truck
James Warren Blackmon November 2, 1942 at Cheraw Accident truck
William L. Stubbs Sr. August 4, 1940 at Cheraw Accident truck
M. G. Knight May 15, 1933 at Cheraw Accident truck
N. C. Smith July 19, 1871 at N.S. Smith's residence Accident tree fall
Fletcher Boan October 25, 1947 at Chesterfield Accident tree
Stephen D. Wallace December 4, 1889 at Cheraw Accident train
Lawrence Wright January 10, 1938 at Cheraw Accident train
C. B. Griggs December 24, 1916 at Chesterfield County, South Carolina Accident train
Beau Brown August 13, 1933 at Patrick Accident train
Fred Walker February 10, 1929 at Cheraw Accident train
Duncan Oliver September 9, 1933 at Cheraw Accident train
Mrs. Gus Lynch December 20, 1921 at Cheraw Accident train
Paul Deese January 14, 1947 at Cheraw, S.C. Accident train
John Taylor March 22, 1918 at Cheraw Accident train
James Purdie Deese January 14, 1947 at Cheraw, S.C. Accident train
Jonah Roland May 1, 1890 at Four Mile Branch Accident train
Jessie Pitomac May 9, 1907 at Bleeraw S.C. Accident train
John Ellerbe March 2, 1885 at McKays Station at Cheraw Accident train
James Sellers May 12, 1939 at Cheraw, S.C. Accident train
Harry Fort January 6, 1875 at Cheraw Accident train
Glenn Strong August 31, 1941 at Cheraw Accident train
J. R. Gainey Jr. September 30, 1940 at Cheraw Accident train
John Bogan May 15, 1903 at Crusal branch trestle near Ruby Accident train
Elliott Pegues May 15, 1903 at Crusal branch trestle near Ruby Accident train
James Brigsman October 11, 1905 at Cleeraw Street Street, Chesterfield County, South Carolina Accident train
B. R. Fry October 29, 1902 at Middendorf, SC in Chesterfield County Accident train
Lydia McKay September 2, 1869 at Burches Spring branch near the residence of Mr. B. T. Ellerbe in Steerpeu township Homicide stick
Will Wallace September 19, 1937 at Chesterfield Homicide stick
Howard G. Laney June 17, 1935 at Pageland Accident shovel
Riley Hinson February 2, 1934 at Teal's Mill Homicide shotgun
Leonard Dixon October 27, 1934 at Chesterfield Homicide shotgun
R. Boyd Eubank September 21, 1942 at Jefferson, S.C. Suicide shotgun
Cleveland Smith December 13, 1934 at McBee Homicide shotgun
James "Poogie" Outen May 13, 1938 at McBee Homicide shotgun
Seymore Crawford January 9, 1933 at Mt. Croghan Homicide shotgun
Albert Shaw July 1, 1946 at Chesterfield Homicide shotgun
George Blakeney February 12, 1896 at Chesterfield Court House Homicide rocks
John W. Buchanan July 18, 1936 at Cheraw Homicide rock
Boyd Cutner December 21, 1937 at Cheraw, S.C. Homicide rifle
Wesley Arant March 12, 1915 at Pageland Homicide rifle

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