Chesterfield County, SC

County Name: 
South Carolina

Chesterfield County, SC Inquests

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Name Deceased Description Date Inquest Location Death Type Death Methodsort descending
Claud Thompson December 4, 1932 [no location given] Homicide
Mariah Teel December 30, 1870 at the Poor House Accident
George Lindsay May 7, 1945 at Chesterfield, South Carolina Accident
Willis Arther Jenkins February 4, 1888 at J. C. Jenkins Natural Causes
Grover Cassidy December 3, 1885 at W. F. Pates Natural Causes
Georgia Brower December 27, 1879 at A. E. Evans Accident
Infant of George and Ann Crawford Infant of George and Ann Crawford May 8, 1906 At G A S[??]cers Accident
Charley Turner February 8, 1922 at J W Patsobe Natural Causes
Earnestine Rewie April 19, 1944 at Cheraw, S.C. Suicide
Luis Ratcliff May 1, 1874 at C. A. Mores Accident
Willie McDuffey December 8, 1892 at W. J. Streaters Other
Tom W. Walters January 21, 1917 at Pageland Accident
Houston Taylor October 6, 1915 at G. F. Erasmo Homicide
Huston Griffith August 24, 1910 at J. N. Sowell's Place Natural Causes
Angeline Allen February 27, 1899 at A.L. Sims' Natural Causes
J. F. Hunter August 22, 1917 at Will Hunter's Unknown
Baby Roscoe June 18, 1934 at Ruby & Hartsville Cross Roads Natural Causes
Mrs. May M. White January 22, 1885 at E. P. Whites Natural Causes
John Boone July 31, 1893 at the residence of Jno Boone Natural Causes
Unknown Infant Unknown Infant June 5, 1893 at C. B. Collins Unknown
Walter Brown November 26, 1943 at Cheraw Homicide
Willie Hendrix Stricklin March 23, 1901 [no location given] Accident
Henry Blakeny June 6, 1893 at Ana Deason Homicide
Augusta Sullivan August 4, 1896 at Chesterfield County, South Carolina Accident
Martha McFarlan September 20, 1890 at Robert Mcfarlan Natural Causes
[illegible] [illegible] November 17, 1920 at Chesterfield County, South Carolina Accident
Rachal Hough August 28, 1888 at Millers Bridge Accident
George Bracy August 19, 1871 the plantation of Wm Cassady Natural Causes
John Polk February 27, 1889 at Hannah Polks House Natural Causes
David Hall October 26, 1931 at McBee Natural Causes
Peter Redfearn December 28, 1870 at Hornsboro Accident
Will Coe September 17, 1914 at Chesterfield County, South Carolina Homicide
Thomas Hoiston August 13, 1907 at Bethel Homicide
Baby Boatwright February 26, 1937 at Jefferson Homicide
Benjamin Franklin Zimmerman June 18, 1932 near Patrick Accident
Adeline Terry February 6, 1883 at Henry Grant's Natural Causes
Emma Bennett July 10, 1888 at Cheraw Natural Causes
Jackson Boan January 12, 1906 [no location given] Accident
Unknown Unknown February 16, 1923 at Cheraw Accident
Maggie Ratcliff May 1, 1874 at C. A. Mores Accident
Daisy Polk May 20, 1889 at Chesterfield CH Accident
John Campbell September 26, 1883 at Chesterfield C. H. Natural Causes
Earl Rivers October 14, 1909 [no location given] Accident
Jack Odom August 26, 1911 at B. J. Douglass Place Natural Causes
Charles Flowers June 13, 1906 [no location given] Accident
David Primus July 5, 1943 at Cheraw, S.C. Homicide
Hannah Lee March 7, 1893 at Moor Church Accident
Infant of J. L. Hancock Infant of J. L. Hancock March 3, 1899 at J.S. Oliver's Natural Causes
Sallie Perdew January 5, 1902 [no location given] Natural Causes
Clement D. Wallace November 28, 1867 at Gopher Hill Homicide

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