Chesterfield County, SC

County Name: 
South Carolina

Chesterfield County, SC Inquests

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Name Deceased Description Date Inquest Location Death Type Death Methodsort ascending
Robert Paul Harden April 5, 1948 at McBee, S. C. Accident automobile
Tellman Shaw December 16, 1934 at McBee Accident automobile
Lola W. Curry December 8, 1943 at Cheraw Accident automobile
Heck Curry January 22, 1940 at Chesterfield Accident automobile
Carolyn Atkinson October 16, 1944 at McBee, S.C. Accident automobile
Hampton Stokes October 13, 1941 at McBee Accident automobile
Infant of Diliar Harrell Infant of Diliar Harrell September 15, 1905 at Mr. Douglass's Mill Natural Causes
Kenneth M. Douglas October 17, 1946 at Cheraw Homicide
C. B. Collins November 4, 1900 at C.B. Collins' Suicide
David Monson April 5, 1889 at Cheraw Bridge Accident
Ephram Chapman February 15, 1885 at Thomson Creek Bridge on Cheraw Road Accident
W. W. Miller January 13, 1930 at Jefferson Accident
Ben F. Williams March 13, 1895 at M. C. Williams Accident
Augusta Sullivan August 4, 1896 at Chesterfield County, South Carolina Accident
Unknown Unknown February 16, 1923 at Cheraw Accident
T. A. Parker June 2, 1897 at the Residence of J. L. Johnson Natural Causes
Luis Ratcliff May 1, 1874 at C. A. Mores Accident
G. B. Kelly December 16, 1896 at Chesterfield Court House Homicide
Collen Baskins August 4, 1885 at Josh Baskins Accident
F. H. McNair February 2, 1899 on E.M. Wells' Plantation Accident
Basil Vick March 12, 1941 at Pageland Accident
Spencer Knott August 9, 1890 at Spencer Knotts' Natural Causes
A. M. Hill March 19, 1879 at John P. Sathens Suicide
J. W. Hunnicutt December 8, 1896 [no location given] Natural Causes
Unknown Infant Unknown Infant September 23, 1900 at James Thompson's Unknown
Edmond Long October 2, 1892 at Cheraw Accident
Albert Jenkins September 13, 1937 at Cheraw Homicide
Patterson Blackwill May 22, 1914 in Chesterfield County, South Carolina Homicide
James Lee March 1, 1937 at Cheraw Accident
Pollock Chewning October 14, 1931 at Cheraw Homicide
Jason Hendrick [no location given] Homicide
John Marshell Pages August 9, 1901 at F. Sherrell's place Accident
J. H. Collins June 30, 1896 at G.W. Morris' place Natural Causes
Mary Love January 17, 1876 at Mrs. Clovers Spencers Accident
Earl Rivers October 14, 1909 [no location given] Accident
Leonard Clark July 3, 1946 at Jefferson, SC Homicide
Clement D. Wallace November 28, 1867 at Gopher Hill Homicide
W. L. Tolson June 22, 1938 [no location given] Unknown
Jeff Jackson January 30, 1923 [no location given] Accident
Alexander T. Johnson December 2, 1895 at the residence of M.J. Johnson Natural Causes
J. J. Gulladge December 24, 1869 at the house of J. J. Gulladge Accident
Maggie Ratcliff May 1, 1874 at C. A. Mores Accident
Infant of C. P. Rushing Infant of C. P. Rushing December 19, 1894 at C. P. Rushing's Place Natural Causes
Grover Cassidy December 3, 1885 at W. F. Pates Natural Causes
Kissey Blakeny October 22, 1884 at Kessey Blakenys Natural Causes
Duncan Fleming August 6, 1892 at Pervis Bridge Accident
William Fortune November 24, 1873 at Jerkens Stabberd Accident
Eva Tucker May 29, 1894 at R. P. Tucker's place Accident
Bird Yarbor December 20, 1903 at McBee, SC Natural Causes
Angeline Allen February 27, 1899 at A.L. Sims' Natural Causes

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