Laurens County, SC

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South Carolina

Laurens County, SC Inquests

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Name Deceased Description Date Inquest Location Death Type Death Method
Thomas Moore August 8, 1837 at Tumbling Shoals Accident
Thomas Noble March 30, 1872 at the residence of Thos Noble Natural Causes
Thornton Nance August 7, 1891 at Milton Homicide
Tom December 12, 1813 at Col. Starling Tucker's Suicide
Tower December 27, 1809 at Benjamin Strange's Natural Causes
Unknown Colored Man Unknown Colored Man July 5, 1892 at Will Davis Homicide
Unknown Colored Man about 60 years old Unknown Colored Man about 60 years old May 15, 1893 on the plantation of D.D. Simpson Accident
Unknown Freedman Unknown Freedman November 25, 1868 at Parks old field Unknown
Unknown Infant Unknown Infant June 29, 1874 at Goodgion Factory Unknown
Unknown Infant Unknown Infant June 4, 1868 at FW Gaylords Natural Causes
Unknown Infant Unknown Infant April 8, 1873 at Martins Depot Homicide
Unknown Infant Unknown Infant October 17, 1873 at Abraham Cooks Homicide
Unknown Infant at Samuel Fleming's Plantation Unknown Infant at Samuel Fleming's Plantation July 29, 1855 at Samuel Flemings plantation Unknown
Unknown Infant at William L. Powers Unknown Infant at William L. Powers March 10, 1867 at the late residence of Wm L. Powers Decsd. Homicide
Unknown Infant, supposed to be of Amanda Simpson Unknown Infant, supposed to be of Amanda Simpson December 1, 1846 at James Brewsters Homicide
Unknown Man Unknown Man June 17, 1872 at or near Tylers Ville Unknown
Unknown Man on Badgett's Plantation Unknown Man on Badgett's Plantation November 18, 1889 on Badgetts plantation Unknown
unknown Negro unknown Negro October 24, 1865 at the plantation of Saml. Todd Homicide
Unknown Negro Woman near Swansey's Ferry Unknown Negro Woman near Swansey's Ferry May 25, 1845 near Swanseys Ferry Suicide
Virgil November 17, 1844 in the woods near to George Blakely plantation Suicide
Vollney Powell October 21, 1870 on public highway from Laurens C.H. to Clinton Homicide
W. H. Searsey October 21, 1890 at Laurens CH Accident train
W. S. Rodgers March 8, 1866 at Clinton Homicide pitcher
W. W. Rodgers January 7, 1893 at Clinton Natural Causes
Wade Adair December 13, 1891 at Clinton Accident train
Wade Burnside December 7, 1893 at Wade Burnside's residence Homicide
Walker Tobias June 13, 1882 at Clinton Accident train
Warren Richards August 18, 1894 Suicide train
Wesley Barksdale April 29, 1884 on the Premises of A W Teague Suicide
Will Harris June 16, 1896 in Clinton Accident train
Will Love January 27, 1891 Homicide
Will Metts March 16, 1895 at Clinton Accident train
Will Simpson July 30, 1894 at Ella Nelson's residence Homicide
William Dillard November 28, 1833 at Pleasant Hill Church Homicide rock
William Evans July 4, 1894 on the Foley plantation Homicide hoe
William Flemming October 20, 1870 at Laurens Court House Homicide
William Knighton June 23, 1873 Unknown
William Leak October 11, 1812 at Brant Leaks Homicide knife
William McDonald December 25, 1803 in the District aforesaid Accident
William Moore April 15, 1893 in a lake near little river Accident
William Owens May 28, 1859 at Wm Owens Homicide stick
William Owens October 13, 1831 at the Machine house of Pressley Owens Suicide
William Roster June 9, 1891 on the plantation of Go Y Young Homicide rock
William Thompson October 15, 1824 at the House of Thomas Other
William Washington August 11, 1813 at William Washingtons Suicide
Willie Adair May 25, 1875 at D.A. Glenns Homicide
Willie Chappell June 18, 1882 at Badgetts quarter Accident
Willis Lodd July 25, 1877 at Loutens [?] cross roads Homicide
Young Fuller October 21, 1870 at W.J. Copelands plantation Homicide
Young Fuller May 3, 1854 at Mary McCrackins Homicide axe

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