Laurens County, SC

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South Carolina

Laurens County, SC Inquests

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Name Deceased Description Date Inquest Location Death Type Death Method
Jack Dendy October 25, 1889 at Jack Dendys Natural Causes
James Barksdale January 6, 1859 at E.P. Francis Unknown
James Crooks March 29, 1807 at little River Near Laurens Court house Accident
James Hitt April 1, 1857 at Mary Hays Suicide
James Sloan July 18, 1867 at Solomon Jones Unknown
James Sullivan July 23, 1874 at the Residence Cesear Sulivan Accident
James W. Craven October 12, 1830 at the Tumbling shoals Accident
James Walker August 9, 1867 at the home of J.P. May Unknown
Jane Forgy March 10, 1896 on the plantation of Mattie McPherson Accident
Jane Smith March 24, 1884 at Tip Top Accident strychnine
Janie Watts October 11, 1891 at R O Hairston Accident
Jarrett February 9, 1809 at the House of James Loughridge Homicide hoe
Jeff Evins March 24, 1895 at the residence of Jeff Evans Homicide
Jeff Steel February 11, 1892 at Cross Hill Accident train
Jenny Smith December 8, 1838 at the Dwelling House of John Smith Unknown
Jerry May 16, 1808 at the Mill House of Henry Brockman Accident
Jerry July 11, 1811 at the plantation of James Glen Natural Causes
Jesse Bell January 20, 1839 at the House of Mrs Elizabeth Ward Accident
Jesse Woods September 3, 1870 at Lewis Dial Natural Causes
Jno Fuller October 6, 1890 on the plantation of Melmoth Hooker Homicide
John April 23, 1859 at the Residence of Dr. D A Richardson Accident
John November 28, 1850 at Yancy Hellams Suicide
John August 16, 1859 at Edw Garreth Accident
John B. Garrison February 21, 1894 in Clinton, Laurens Co Natural Causes
John Benjamin October 16, 1893 at a mill in Cross Hill Accident
John Boyd November 26, 1822 at Samy Boyds Other
John C. Arnold September 7, 1875 at Mary A. Taylors Accident
John Cole February 4, 1848 at Milton Other
John Davis September 6, 1859 at Jas. H. Parks Accident
John Dedman March 15, 1806 at Mr Jno Kings Accident
John Elmore January 3, 1883 at Aaron Elmore home on LE Foleys plantation Accident
John Harry February 2, 1827 at the House of John Harry Accident
John Henry Goudelock June 3, 1882 at Bethlehem Grove Church Accident
John Henry Hitch August 28, 1837 at the House of John Hitch Suicide
John Hudson December 3, 1889 at Laurens Court House Accident
John James April 13, 1892 at the Traynham place Homicide
John Johnson May 15, 1820 at the house of John Johnston Other
John Johnson March 2, 1814 at the plantation of John Mitchel Accident
John Kellett July 24, 1876 at the residence of John Kellet Homicide
John Larke December 14, 1884 at J D Sullivans place Homicide
John Meador January 18, 1828 at the house of Mrs Nancy Parks Suicide
John Nickle October 30, 1853 at the House of David Owens Homicide whip
John Owens January 31, 1891 at the Lem Williams place Accident
John P. Sloan August 26, 1884 at Geo Y Youngs place in Laurens County - Known as the Brick house place Suicide
John Pope August 29, 1828 at the house of James Watson Accident
John Rea November 21, 1808 at John Lukes Other
John Simmons March 21, 1810 at John Simmons Homicide rifle
John South September 30, 1818 at Allen Clarks Homicide stone
John Watson May 23, 1892 at Clinton Accident
John Weston December 31, 1890 on the plantaion of Robt Bailey Accident

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