Chesterfield County, SC

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South Carolina

Chesterfield County, SC Inquests

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Name Deceased Description Date Inquest Location Death Type Death Methodsort descending
William A. Jordan December 12, 1891 at William M. Jordan's Natural Causes
Amanda Ellerbe July 31, 1881 at the residence of John Ellerbe Natural Causes
Simney Harrington August 7, 1868 at Cheraw Natural Causes
Prince Crawford November 29, 1916 at Pageland Natural Causes
Benjamin Frank April 13, 1943 at Pageland Unknown
Major McGraw December 6, 1881 at the House of J. W. Mathews Unknown
Infant of Andrew and Helen Barrett Infant of Andrew and Helen Barrett February 19, 1897 at Andrew Barretts coloud in Chesterfield Co. Natural Causes
J. T. Hanna Sr. February 2, 1934 at Teal's Mill Suicide
E. L. Sellars March 3, 1914 at Snow Hill Church Unknown
Charley Gainey November 18, 1903 at T.C. Williams' Natural Causes
Nathanial T. Hildreth October 21, 1941 at Chesterfield, S. C. Suicide
Peter Redfearn December 28, 1870 at Hornsboro Accident
Ellison Blakney October 4, 1896 at Hick's Mine Place Natural Causes
Sarah Acock February 25, 1881 at D. R. Davison Natural Causes
E. A. Teal September 1, 1883 near and on the north side of the Public Road leading from Chesterfield C. H. to Abrahams Creek and the middle prong of said Creek Natural Causes
Amy Crawford February 2, 1890 at Neal Crawford Natural Causes
Georgia Brower December 27, 1879 at A. E. Evans Accident
J. F. Hunter August 22, 1917 at Will Hunter's Unknown
Unknown Infant Unknown Infant June 5, 1893 at C. B. Collins Unknown
J. B. Deas February 6, 1936 at Cheraw Accident
William C. Driggers August 1, 1934 at Cheraw Homicide
Robert Jordan December 3, 1900 at Mount Croghan Natural Causes
Mrs. Sue Rushing January 29, 1912 at C. P. Rushings Homicide
Willie Hendrix Stricklin March 23, 1901 [no location given] Accident
Younger son of Joe Cunningham Younger son of Joe Cunningham March 26, 1908 [no location given] Accident
Mary Hillian October 30, 1896 at R.E. River's place Natural Causes
Alexander Hough August 9, 1879 at Alfred Hough's Accident
James W. Steene August 22, 1898 at the Residence of Deceased James W. Steene Natural Causes
Baby Roscoe June 18, 1934 at Ruby & Hartsville Cross Roads Natural Causes
Rachal Hough August 28, 1888 at Millers Bridge Accident
George Smith December 27, 1914 at Mr. Geo. Smith's Residence Suicide
William L. Collins January 9, 1887 at Chesterfield County Natural Causes
J. M. Caddell January 31, 1898 at the Residence of the late J M Caddell Natural Causes
Sarah Watson January 31, 1938 at Cheraw Homicide
Walter Manningall November 21, 1906 at Clearview in Chesterfield County Accident
Unknown July 2, 1880 at Samson Campbell Accident
Shelt Gainey February 17, 1929 [no location given] Natural Causes
William Autry March 16, 1896 at E. W. Gulledge's place Natural Causes
Washington Cash March 8, 1873 at Cash's Depot Accident
Unknown infant Unknown infant July 14, 1879 at Cheraw Natural Causes
Reece Chapman July 26, 1948 at Chesterfield, South Carolina Homicide
William Sandy Little June 18, 1890 at the Belk Place Accident
Emma Bennett July 10, 1888 at Cheraw Natural Causes
Jack Odom August 26, 1911 at B. J. Douglass Place Natural Causes
Claud Thompson December 4, 1932 [no location given] Homicide
Infant of Susie Redfern Infant of Susie Redfern at Mt. Croghan Natural Causes
E. D. Holly September 21, 1907 at Holley's Mill Natural Causes
Mrs. Mary E. Parker January 9, 1933 at Patrick Homicide
Elsie Williams June 28, 1886 at Cheraw Accident
Charlie Woodard November 15, 1915 at H. L. Woodards Accident

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