Laurens County, SC

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South Carolina

Laurens County, SC Inquests

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Name Deceased Description Date Inquest Location Death Type Death Methodsort ascending
Meredith Griffin February 15, 1889 at F D Hunters Homicide
Peter October 25, 1834 at Robertson Osborns Suicide
Emma Williams January 8, 1894 at J.O.C. Fleming's mill Accident
Reeves February 23, 1855 Homicide
Quash May 11, 1815 at the House Genl. John. Y. Wolff Natural Causes
Tower December 27, 1809 at Benjamin Strange's Natural Causes
Clarisa Epps July 20, 1868 at Laurens C.H. Natural Causes
Will Simpson July 30, 1894 at Ella Nelson's residence Homicide
Charley Young June 17, 1893 on the plantation of Henry Young Natural Causes
Auguiste Campbell October 30, 1868 at Auguiste Campbell's Natural Causes
Barnett S. Langston August 8, 1889 at Lanfords station Homicide
John November 28, 1850 at Yancy Hellams Suicide
Elizabeth South June 23, 1839 at the dwelling House of William South Homicide
John Dedman March 15, 1806 at Mr Jno Kings Accident
Male Child Male Child January 30, 1809 at David Cowens Homicide
Riah Simpson infant daughter of Jim and Manda Simpson June 28, 1884 at the Langly House on White Plains Plantation Accident
Ben October 10, 1865 at Abram Putnams Homicide
Samuel Kennedy June 8, 1842 at or near Laurens Court House Suicide
John Johnson March 2, 1814 at the plantation of John Mitchel Accident
Ned December 12, 1835 at Joel Dendys Accident
Sarah Owens October 9, 1866 at David Owens's Suicide
John Boyd November 26, 1822 at Samy Boyds Other
Georgiana Williams Moore July 26, 1882 at TS Langston's plantation Natural Causes
Mary Peck February 23, 1828 in the District aforesaid Suicide
Mary McDaniel January 13, 1891 at Burnside Accident
Child of Margaret Parker Child of Margaret Parker March 17, 1891 Unknown
Will Love January 27, 1891 Homicide
Arch September 4, 1864 at SR Todds plantation Homicide
Unknown Man on Badgett's Plantation Unknown Man on Badgett's Plantation November 18, 1889 on Badgetts plantation Unknown
Georgiana Fowler July 28, 1885 at Laurens Court House Accident
Edmond May 5, 1828 on the premises of David Higgins Accident
Jenny Smith December 8, 1838 at the Dwelling House of John Smith Unknown
Jerry May 16, 1808 at the Mill House of Henry Brockman Accident
Negro Man Negro Man June 20, 1808 Near Laurens Court house Suicide
George Roseman January 30, 1883 at T. J. Sullivan's Accident
Alexander January 2, 1862 at Dr. Austins Accident
Jesse Bell January 20, 1839 at the House of Mrs Elizabeth Ward Accident
George April 21, 1838 Unknown
William Owens October 13, 1831 at the Machine house of Pressley Owens Suicide
James Hitt April 1, 1857 at Mary Hays Suicide
John Rea November 21, 1808 at John Lukes Other
Spencer Simpson November 25, 1896 at Clinton Homicide
John Davis September 6, 1859 at Jas. H. Parks Accident
Charles Hobbs October 1, 1817 on the highway near John Blacks Accident
Jeff Evins March 24, 1895 at the residence of Jeff Evans Homicide
William Moore April 15, 1893 in a lake near little river Accident
Robert Davis July 17, 1897 at Garlington Homicide
George Roberts May 2, 1896 Natural Causes
Dobydick Golding May 12, 1875 at Office Trial Justice Bird Accident
Monroe Nathan June 5, 1889 at Allen Dials Homicide

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