Laurens County, SC

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South Carolina

Laurens County, SC Inquests

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Name Deceased Description Date Inquest Location Death Type Death Methodsort descending
Ineed Madden Daughter of Perry & Della Madden July 12, 1897 at Buford Burns plantation Homicide
Unknown Colored Man about 60 years old Unknown Colored Man about 60 years old May 15, 1893 on the plantation of D.D. Simpson Accident
Lavinia Rodgers November 1, 1854 at the House of Samuel McKnicks Unknown
George Roberts May 2, 1896 Natural Causes
Edom March 6, 1845 at the house of James D. Thomason Suicide
Cora Boyd May 18, 1892 at Beaverdam Church Accident
Jack April 6, 1810 at Thomas McCreary's Suicide
Rachael Watts July 29, 1889 at W.B. Fullers place near Cross Hill Natural Causes
Daniel April 5, 1854 at a graveyard in Laurens District near Mrs Nancy Parks Suicide
Unknown Man on Badgett's Plantation Unknown Man on Badgett's Plantation November 18, 1889 on Badgetts plantation Unknown
Abby February 28, 1840 at Thomas Carters Natural Causes
Unknown Infant at Samuel Fleming's Plantation Unknown Infant at Samuel Fleming's Plantation July 29, 1855 at Samuel Flemings plantation Unknown
Maria Stephens April 9, 1833 at Robt. F Stephens Homicide
Joseph Butler October 8, 1836 at John H. Byrds Homicide
Andrew Dawkins June 25, 1895 at Laurens CH Accident
Child of Mary Muree Child of Mary Muree October 8, 1833 at the meeting house nown by the name of Pleasant Hill Natural Causes
Spencer Simpson November 25, 1896 at Clinton Homicide
John Davis September 6, 1859 at Jas. H. Parks Accident
Mack Byrd July 20, 1885 at Duncans Creek Colored Baptist Church Homicide
Negro Man Negro Man June 20, 1808 Near Laurens Court house Suicide
George April 21, 1858 at Dr J G Tragham's Natural Causes
Reuben Ligon June 23, 1814 at Reuben Ligons Suicide
William Thompson October 15, 1824 at the House of Thomas Other
Silas Cockrum April 28, 1858 at Jacks Bridge Accident
Agness Fowler January 26, 1897 at J.Y. Petts Homicide
Littleberry Sullivan July 28, 1808 Homicide
Marisley Malone September 23, 1890 at the residence. Mrs Fooshers Natural Causes
Child of Margaret Parker Child of Margaret Parker March 17, 1891 Unknown
Euphemia Jones child February 6, 1894 on the plantation of Mr. Stroud Accident
Young Fuller October 21, 1870 at W.J. Copelands plantation Homicide
Matildy Posey July 13, 1831 at Charles Poseys Suicide
Janie Watts October 11, 1891 at R O Hairston Accident
George May 6, 1849 at C... Garlington Mill pond Accident
Monroe Nathan June 5, 1889 at Allen Dials Homicide
James Barksdale January 6, 1859 at E.P. Francis Unknown
Bilpha Hargroove February 1, 1847 at Joseph Simmon's Natural Causes
John Dedman March 15, 1806 at Mr Jno Kings Accident
Unknown Man Unknown Man June 17, 1872 at or near Tylers Ville Unknown
Tom December 12, 1813 at Col. Starling Tucker's Suicide
John Meador January 18, 1828 at the house of Mrs Nancy Parks Suicide
Unknown Infant Unknown Infant October 17, 1873 at Abraham Cooks Homicide
Thomas J. Fuller October 5, 1894 at T.J. Fuller's Natural Causes
Monday May 9, 1833 at Mr. John Smiths Natural Causes
Mary Sullivan February 9, 1875 Unknown
Phil July 29, 1821 at Laurens Court House Suicide
Daniel Williams January 3, 1822 at Mrs. Mary Williams Suicide
John Larke December 14, 1884 at J D Sullivans place Homicide
Haman Miller October 30, 1824 at Blacks Store Homicide
Alfred Gage May 21, 1890 at Milton Accident
Jerry July 11, 1811 at the plantation of James Glen Natural Causes

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