Laurens County, SC

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South Carolina

Laurens County, SC Inquests

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Name Deceased Description Date Inquest Location Death Type Death Methodsort descending
Sealy Henry July 1, 1873 Natural Causes
Dick August 13, 1818 on the plantation of John Boyd Natural Causes
Miles Robuck December 16, 1856 at the house of S.S. Roebuck Accident
John James April 13, 1892 at the Traynham place Homicide
Thomas Noble March 30, 1872 at the residence of Thos Noble Natural Causes
John P. Sloan August 26, 1884 at Geo Y Youngs place in Laurens County - Known as the Brick house place Suicide
Laura Jones February 27, 1861 at Esther E. Jones Natural Causes
Binto July 29, 1872 at William Byrd's Unknown
John August 16, 1859 at Edw Garreth Accident
Child of Mary Muree Child of Mary Muree October 8, 1833 at the meeting house nown by the name of Pleasant Hill Natural Causes
Rose Watts December 8, 1891 at Mountville Natural Causes
James Walker August 9, 1867 at the home of J.P. May Unknown
John B. Garrison February 21, 1894 in Clinton, Laurens Co Natural Causes
Dr. E. C. Shell November 5, 1868 at Henry Shell's Homicide
Die December 23, 1836 at the corner of Mrs. Sarah Young's field Accident
George Blakely August 23, 1889 at Tom Youngs Natural Causes
Thomas Moore August 8, 1837 at Tumbling Shoals Accident
Edom March 6, 1845 at the house of James D. Thomason Suicide
Alexander Calder May 15, 1803 at Calder's house Suicide
Haywood Barksdale May 11, 1893 near A.H. Martin's Homicide
Nehemiah Franks July 27, 1859 at Nehemiah Franks Natural Causes
Rachel Dullivan January 30, 1890 at Rachel Dullivan Residence Natural Causes
John Henry Hitch August 28, 1837 at the House of John Hitch Suicide
Luvenia Elmore March 15, 1883 at J A Fergusons place Natural Causes
Frank Dillard September 24, 1890 on the plantation of William Patterson Homicide
Mary Ann July 2, 1855 at the plantation of Henry Pitts on Walnut Creek Accident
Jack April 6, 1810 at Thomas McCreary's Suicide
Unknown Infant at William L. Powers Unknown Infant at William L. Powers March 10, 1867 at the late residence of Wm L. Powers Decsd. Homicide
Hon. Joseph Crews September 14, 1875 at Laurens C.H. Homicide
John Meador January 18, 1828 at the house of Mrs Nancy Parks Suicide
John Kellett July 24, 1876 at the residence of John Kellet Homicide
Elliott Allan Walker August 9, 1867 at the home of J.P. May Unknown
Nancy Davis April 22, 1883 at plantaion of Seaborn Parks Natural Causes
Charmes October 7, 1865 at Levison Fowlers Natural Causes
Thomas Bramblet May 28, 1889 at Laurens Court House Accident
William Flemming October 20, 1870 at Laurens Court House Homicide
George Williams August 23, 1802 at Jeremiah Conants Accident
Charley Young June 17, 1893 on the plantation of Henry Young Natural Causes
Meredith Griffin February 15, 1889 at F D Hunters Homicide
George Fowler November 4, 1885 at Mrs S E Dunlop plantation Homicide
Reeves February 23, 1855 Homicide
Quash May 11, 1815 at the House Genl. John. Y. Wolff Natural Causes
Clarisa Epps July 20, 1868 at Laurens C.H. Natural Causes
Littleberry Sullivan July 28, 1808 Homicide
Emma Williams January 8, 1894 at J.O.C. Fleming's mill Accident
Will Simpson July 30, 1894 at Ella Nelson's residence Homicide
Peter October 25, 1834 at Robertson Osborns Suicide
Henry Castleberry January 7, 1815 at the house of James Hannah Accident
Agness Fowler January 26, 1897 at J.Y. Petts Homicide
Jack Dendy October 25, 1889 at Jack Dendys Natural Causes

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