Fairfield County, SC

County Name: 
South Carolina

Fairfield County, SC Inquests

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Name Deceased Description Datesort descending Inquest Location Death Type Death Method
Mary Belton at the Sylvia Brice Place Homicide
William Hopkins at J. Feaster Lyles' plantation Accident
Lizzie May Crosby at Feasterville Accident
Wilson Clark at Winnsboro Accident train
Andy Yongue Accident
Lucilla S. Gresham Chester Co., at Shelton Depot Accident
Peggyann Goings at S.R. Rutland's Accident
Jane Owens at Ms. Helen Smith's Natural Causes
William Watson near the Harrison Ferry on the Wateree River Accident
Delia Hell at J.K. Alston's plantation Natural Causes
Mary Brooks near Bells[?] Bridge Unknown
Ephram Ashford at [?] Natural Causes
Mary Robertson at the Gailiard grave yard Accident
Chas. Youngue at the plantation of Dr.[?] B. Estes Accident
Charles Manigo at Jackson Duncan's House Unknown
Andrew Caldwell at Rockton Homicide pistol
Unknown at Pollete [?] Harrison Homicide
Ida Suber at Lyles Ford Accident
Rose Ford at Winnsboro Accident opium
Mary Robertson Homicide bed slat
Joe Coleman near Willing Homicide
Jesse Goings at S.R. Rutland's Accident
Jim Rice on James Jones' place Accident
W. T. Reid at Ridgeway Accident
Calvin Lemmon at Dawkins Accident
James Walls at the Tevin Pines' Homicide baseball bat
Jack Thomas at Mickles Ferry Accident
Priner Davis near Simm Davis' Spring Accident
William Wallace at Beau's Homicide pistol
Martha Stevenson at Daniel Stevenson's Natural Causes
Sallie Bell Suber at Lyles Ford Accident
Silvy Holmes at Ben Glenn's place Natural Causes
Joe Coleman near Buck Head Accident
Unknown [?] Homicide
Viola Goings at S.R. Rutland's Accident
H. T.[?] Davis at Alston Accident
Tom near the Catawba River Unknown
Henry Oglesby near Shelton Accident
Brown Lee at the McCerkin[?] grave yard Natural Causes
Charles Goins at T.D. [?] plantation Accident mule
David M[?] Elkin at Alston Accident train
Charles Aiken at the Bell place Natural Causes
Lizzie Coleman at A.P. Irby's plantation Accident
Albert Trapp near Blairs Homicide
Abram Alston near Dawkins Natural Causes
Infant child of Amanda Williams at the residence of Alex Cockerell Accident
Nelson Davis at Blythewood Homicide pistol
Willie Gooding at [?] Blair's Accident
Manuel Coleman at Manuel Coleman's Natural Causes
Elliott Wilson at A.W. Ladds' Accident

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