Chesterfield County, SC

County Name: 
South Carolina

Chesterfield County, SC Inquests

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Name Deceased Description Date Inquest Location Death Type Death Method
Marion Tolson July 28, 1941 at Chesterfield Accident truck
Marten Lowery January 20, 1913 at Liza Lowery's Homicide pistol
Martha Boone January 16, 1896 at A. B. Merrimans place Accident
Martha Hubbard January 1, 1912 at McBee Accident
Martha McFarlan September 20, 1890 at Robert Mcfarlan Natural Causes
Martin Gary Kennington December 23, 1934 at Pageland Accident automobile
Mary Adams September 23, 1885 at Mary Adams Natural Causes
Mary Elizabeth Rallings February 6, 1900 at Sanford Rallings' Natural Causes
Mary Hillian October 30, 1896 at R.E. River's place Natural Causes
Mary Jane Dunbar April 21, 1913 at Cutarrh Homicide ax
Mary Jane Rivers September 12, 1900 [no location given] Natural Causes
Mary Love January 17, 1876 at Mrs. Clovers Spencers Accident
Massie Robeson June 18, 1919 Chesterfield County, South Carolina Suicide
Maston Fuller September 21, 1916 [no location given] Accident
Maston Quick January 17, 1883 at Cheraw Accident buggy
Mattie Malloy September 7, 1943 at Cheraw Accident automobile
Miss Lona Atkinson October 16, 1944 at McBee, S.C. Accident automobile
Miss Vida Nivius April 4, 1923 at Chesterfield County, South Carolina Natural Causes
Mittie Mitchell September 19, 1902 at Chesterfield County, South Carolina Natural Causes
Mma Mildred McDonald September 30, 1935 at Cheraw Accident automobile
Molsie Knight February 6, 1897 at Reid Knight's Natural Causes
Mose Lowery March 16, 1940 at Chesterfield, S. C. Homicide pocket knife
Mrs. Gus Lynch December 20, 1921 at Cheraw Accident train
Mrs. Joe Landon October 11, 1929 [no location given] Natural Causes
Mrs. M. C. Williams October 13, 1908 [at] Mrs. Williams Accident
Mrs. Mary E. Parker January 9, 1933 at Patrick Homicide
Mrs. May M. White January 22, 1885 at E. P. Whites Natural Causes
Mrs. Sue Rushing January 29, 1912 at C. P. Rushings Homicide
Mrs. Will Hough March 22, 1930 at Chesterfield County, South Carolina Natural Causes
Murray P. Humphrey March 3, 1937 at Chesterfield Accident automobile
N. C. Smith July 19, 1871 at N.S. Smith's residence Accident tree fall
N. J. Hancock December 4, 1891 at R. F. M. Hancock Suicide
Nancy Johnson June 11, 1906 at Whitfield Johnson Natural Causes
Nancy Therrel February 19, 1876 at Mr. John Therrels Natural Causes
Nathan Moore April 1, 1870 at Cheraw Natural Causes
Nathanial T. Hildreth October 21, 1941 at Chesterfield, S. C. Suicide
Ned Redfern January 24, 1916 at Evans Mill Natural Causes
Nettie Jefferson March 17, 1936 at Chesterfield Homicide frying pan
Nettie Mae Bennett November 9, 1937 at Cheraw Accident
Older son of Joe Cunningham Older son of Joe Cunningham March 26, 1908 [no location given] Accident
Oliver Lee February 17, 1892 at Cokers Mill Accident
Otis Terry August 8, 1934 at Pageland Accident truck
Patterson Blackwill May 22, 1914 in Chesterfield County, South Carolina Homicide
Paul Deese January 14, 1947 at Cheraw, S.C. Accident train
Peggy McLeod December 25, 1870 at George Rorie's dwelling house Accident
Peter Chambers March 19, 1886 at Cheraw Accident
Peter Redfearn December 28, 1870 at Hornsboro Accident
Pickens M. Brown February 10, 1882 at Cheraw Accident horse
Pleas Jackson August 6, 1899 at M. E. Tomlinsons Natural Causes
Pollock Chewning October 14, 1931 at Cheraw Homicide

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