Chesterfield County, SC

County Name: 
South Carolina

Chesterfield County, SC Inquests

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Name Deceased Description Date Inquest Location Death Type Death Methodsort descending
Nancy Therrel February 19, 1876 at Mr. John Therrels Natural Causes
Albert Williams August 9, 1934 at Cheraw Homicide
Billie Laney December 15, 1940 at Pageland Suicide
Mrs. Will Hough March 22, 1930 at Chesterfield County, South Carolina Natural Causes
John Harrington February 25, 1896 at Dr. J. W. McKay's Plantation on the Pee Dee River Accident
Martha McFarlan September 20, 1890 at Robert Mcfarlan Natural Causes
Mrs. Joe Landon October 11, 1929 [no location given] Natural Causes
Caroline Timons January 10, 1901 at Mount Croghan Natural Causes
Infant February 3, 1894 at J. B. Presson's Natural Causes
Crafford Brantley November 4, 1927 at House in Chesterfield County, South Carolina Accident
Willie McDuffey December 8, 1892 at W. J. Streaters Other
Mrs. Sue Rushing January 29, 1912 at C. P. Rushings Homicide
W. H. Davis November 1, 1940 at Chesterfield Accident
Unknown Unknown March 29, 1922 at McBee Accident
Unknown Infant Unknown Infant February 23, 1883 at Chesterfield C. H. Natural Causes
Benjamin Anderson December 22, 1873 at Cheraw Accident
Chasey Futrul May 4, 1888 at Cheraw Natural Causes
Benjamin Crowley January 31, 1888 at Benjamin Crowley's Natural Causes
John Madison Winburn April 21, 1887 at J. C. Winburn's Accident
Margret Douglass March 10, 1892 at Chesterfield Court House Accident
Charles Flowers June 13, 1906 [no location given] Accident
Curtis Outlaw February 21, 1895 at Campbell's Graveyard Natural Causes
Henry Little October 9, 1911 at Henry Little's near Pageland Homicide
Ranse Lowry July 21, 1888 at Chesterfield County, South Carolina Natural Causes
R. H. Crawford January 26, 1894 at Elisha Boans Natural Causes
J. W. Hunnicutt December 8, 1896 [no location given] Natural Causes
Eva Tucker May 29, 1894 at R. P. Tucker's place Accident
William Coker June 23, 1876 at Mrs. Sutter Tolbert Homicide
Enoch Adams November 23, 1916 at Cheraw Accident
G. B. Kelly December 16, 1896 at Chesterfield Court House Homicide
Nancy Johnson June 11, 1906 at Whitfield Johnson Natural Causes
Peter Chambers March 19, 1886 at Cheraw Accident
David Hall October 26, 1931 at McBee Natural Causes
Pleas Jackson August 6, 1899 at M. E. Tomlinsons Natural Causes
J. T. Hanna Sr. February 2, 1934 at Teal's Mill Suicide
N. J. Hancock December 4, 1891 at R. F. M. Hancock Suicide
Baby Boatwright February 26, 1937 at Jefferson Homicide
Infant Brown September 26, 1932 near Angelus Homicide
Daisy Polk May 20, 1889 at Chesterfield CH Accident
Angie Bell Crawford October 6, 1933 near Pageland Homicide
Mary Hillian October 30, 1896 at R.E. River's place Natural Causes
Mary Elizabeth Rallings February 6, 1900 at Sanford Rallings' Natural Causes
Edward Bownes April 30, 1874 at Cheraw, S. C. Natural Causes
Macomb Campbell March 10, 1873 at R. E. Evans' Accident
Mary Adams September 23, 1885 at Mary Adams Natural Causes
D. L. Campbell October 21, 1894 at the residence of D. L. Campbell Natural Causes
Simney Harrington August 7, 1868 at Cheraw Natural Causes
Martha Hubbard January 1, 1912 at McBee Accident
Henry Leard Bancum November 29, 1894 at W. H. Funderburk's Natural Causes
Benjamin Frank April 13, 1943 at Pageland Unknown

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