Fairfield County, SC

County Name: 
South Carolina

Fairfield County, SC Inquests

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Name Deceased Description Datesort descending Inquest Location Death Type Death Method
Margret Ann Kinncade at W.B. Murry's Place Accident
Dolly Glenn at the Doly place Natural Causes
W. H. Parker at Blythewood Accident train
Sallie Walker at M.J. Steel's[?] place Natural Causes
Mary Whitman at R.E. Martin's Natural Causes
Dorisa Byrd at Martin Byrd's Natural Causes
Addora Wallace Accident
Eugenia Richardson on James McGill's plantation Accident
Madison Materson at Blythewood Natural Causes
Thomas Hoffman at Blythewood Suicide
Anarky Thompson at Joe Freshleys Natural Causes
Nettie Frazier at the plantation of Mrs. Nancy Youngue Natural Causes
Hattie Smalls at C.B. Blair's Accident
Flemming Taylor at Jack Taylors house Accident
Ed Caldwell at Jas. McFir's[?] place Natural Causes
Patsy Johnston at Bell plantation Natural Causes
Hilliard Brown at Washington Ashford's house on the Boyd place Accident mule
Ella Davis at the dwelling house of Alice Simms Accident
Sam Clark near Lyles Ford Natural Causes
Martha Stevenson Natural Causes
Thomas Thompson at Capt. Manus' place Accident
Mary Brown's infant at William Brice's place Accident
Patrick Bell at Middlesex Suicide
Unknown at Ridgeway Unknown
Arthur Jordan at W.B. Dixon's place Homicide
A. E. Powell at A.E. Powell's residence Suicide
George Jefferis near Crosbyville Natural Causes
Bettie McConnell near Lyles Ford Natural Causes
Maria Powell at the Paggitt place Natural Causes
Pinkie Lemmon at J.H. Aiken's Natural Causes
Unknown at Davis Lyles'[?] place Natural Causes
Thomas Elliott Wilson near Strother Accident train
Ely Edwards at Ridgeway Natural Causes
Adaline Cason at Kase Williamson's Accident
Elsie Starks at N.C. Roberts' place Natural Causes
Arthur Ben at Jenkinsville Accident
Robert Gresham Chester Co., at Shelton Depot Accident
Emanuel Thomas at Winnsboro Natural Causes
Haigood Mirfan[?] Homicide
William Rosborough at Winnsboro Homicide
Thomas Yongue near Strother Accident
Lewis Hall in Fairfield County, South Carolina Homicide
Mary Cook at Henry Cook's Natural Causes
Porter Hampton Accident train
Tom Griffin at the freight depot in Winnsboro Accident train
Captain Andrew Feaster February 6, 1808 at the house of Abner Fant Homicide rifle
Robert McCants January 27, 1817 at the house of Samuel Alston Accident
John M. Kenner December 2, 1821 in a certain wood at Winnsborough Suicide
George Craig January 19, 1825 at the house of Mathew Richmond Accident
John Rowland August 22, 1825 at the Presbyterian Church known by the name of the Ebenezer meeting house Homicide knife

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