Fairfield County, SC

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South Carolina

Fairfield County, SC Inquests

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Name Deceased Description Date Inquest Location Death Type Death Methodsort ascending
Mary Robertson at the Gailiard grave yard Accident
Andrew Boney July 26, 1879 at Ridgeway Natural Causes
Manuel Coleman at Manuel Coleman's Natural Causes
Lewis Hall in Fairfield County, South Carolina Homicide
Thos P. Milnor February 5, 1849 at Winnsboro Natural Causes
John Young October 1, 1857 in Winnsboro Accident
Thomas Yongue near Strother Accident
Aggey September 14, 1830 near the house of Edward P. Mobley Accident
Crosby Irby at Perry Irby's Accident
Mattie Woods at Jim[?] Sawyer's Accident
Oscar Matthews November 23, 1877 at C.H.[?] Matthews' Accident
Sopha Bolz April 2, 1876 at John Wolf's Place Natural Causes
Flemming Taylor at Jack Taylors house Accident
Sam September 15, 1861 at Joseph Hurts'[?] Suicide
Mary Knopp Natural Causes
Priner Davis near Simm Davis' Spring Accident
Lizzie Coleman at A.P. Irby's plantation Accident
Wesley Smith at Winnsboro Homicide
Loney November 20, 1848 at Harrisons Ferry Accident
Jeff Bird January 8, 1878 at G.B. Pettigrews' Accident
Stephen December 6, 1833 at Ephraim Morgan's house Homicide
Clarence Rodgers at the [?] Quarter[?] Natural Causes
John November 24, 1829 at the house of Robert G Bagley Accident
Unknown at Davis Lyles'[?] place Natural Causes
Pauline Paulding[?] at Captain John Thomas' Place Accident
Jane Owens at Ms. Helen Smith's Natural Causes
Manerva Proctor September 19, 1876 at Thomas Anderson's place Natural Causes
Unknown February 14, 1874 at Thos Watt's Unknown
Tucker R. Clarke November 23, 1858 in Winnsboro Unknown
Amilia Ruffin August 7, 1880 at S.W. Ruffs Natural Causes
Rachel Manigun at Feasterville Natural Causes
Hardy January 17, 1848 at the house of I.B. McCall Natural Causes
Calline Crosby Natural Causes
Unknown August 1, 1840 at the plantation of Benoni[?] Robinson Unknown
John Williams at Strother Suicide
Edward Young December 26, 1833 at the house of Mrs. Mathews on the waters of Wateree Creek Accident

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