Fairfield County, SC

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South Carolina

Fairfield County, SC Inquests

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Name Deceased Description Date Inquest Location Death Typesort descending Death Method
Sallie Walker at M.J. Steel's[?] place Natural Causes
Bettie McConnell near Lyles Ford Natural Causes
Fom[?] July 2, 1858 at the Rev. W. W Gwin on cedar creek Natural Causes
Hardy January 17, 1848 at the house of I.B. McCall Natural Causes
Jane Owens at Ms. Helen Smith's Natural Causes
Martha Stevenson at Daniel Stevenson's Natural Causes
Amy Thompson June 12, 1878 at or near Shelton Natural Causes
Charles Jones February 11, 1879 at R.J. Gladney's Natural Causes
Elisha Farless[?] September 15, 1847 at Robert Youngers Mill house Natural Causes
James Blackie August 17, 1836 in the house of Ezekiel Hoy Natural Causes
Patsy Johnston at Bell plantation Natural Causes
Charles Aiken at the Bell place Natural Causes
Wade Chappell at William Steele's Natural Causes
Mag Potee at N.D. Roberts place Natural Causes
Sopha Bolz April 2, 1876 at John Wolf's Place Natural Causes
Nancey Means December 22, 1879 at D.T. Gibson's Natural Causes
Manuel Coleman at Manuel Coleman's Natural Causes
Manerva Proctor September 19, 1876 at Thomas Anderson's place Natural Causes
Sarilla Coleman August 5, 1880 at the residence of Henry Jeffares Natural Causes
Dorisa Byrd at Martin Byrd's Natural Causes
Mary Knopp Natural Causes
E. P. Brown January 1, 1879 at Mrs. E.P. Browns Natural Causes
John Wallcot at Winnsboro Natural Causes
Phillis August 18, 1831 at the house of Charles P. Stone Natural Causes
Elsie Starks at N.C. Roberts' place Natural Causes
Nettie Frazier at the plantation of Mrs. Nancy Youngue Natural Causes
Lucinda Scott September 9, 1878 at P. Hastings' Plantation Natural Causes
Clarence Rodgers at the [?] Quarter[?] Natural Causes
Martha Stevenson Natural Causes
Unknown at Pollete [?] Harrison Homicide
Stephen December 6, 1833 at Ephraim Morgan's house Homicide
Hugh Barkley September 20, 1836 in the house of Hugh Barkley Homicide
James Walls at the Tevin Pines' Homicide baseball bat
Huey A Stevenson Homicide pistol
Joe Coleman near Willing Homicide
Martha Armstrong March 30, 1840 at the house of Archibald Armstrong Homicide
Unknown May 2, 1862 at the house of Washington Hathcock Homicide
L. Roy Lavender June 9, 1838 at Lucey Lavenders Homicide
Lewis Hall in Fairfield County, South Carolina Homicide
Richard Roberts January 15, 1826 at the union meeting house Homicide bullis vine
William Rosborough at Winnsboro Homicide
Arthur Jordan at W.B. Dixon's place Homicide
Captain Andrew Feaster February 6, 1808 at the house of Abner Fant Homicide rifle
Caleb Campbell near Winnsboro Homicide
Abe Dubose Jr. at the old[?] mill place of S.D. Dunn Homicide
Sam Pratt at Woodward Homicide
Albert Trapp near Blairs Homicide
Haigood Mirfan[?] Homicide
William Wallace at Beau's Homicide pistol
Mary Belton at the Sylvia Brice Place Homicide

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