Spartanburg County, SC

County Name: 
South Carolina

Spartanburg County, SC Inquests

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Name Deceased Description Date Inquest Location Death Type Death Method
Margret Branan December 15, 1889 at or on Mrs. Alice Taylor's place Natural Causes heart failure or affliction of the brain
Mariah Pincy July 10, 1881 Natural Causes heart disease
Martha M. Kerr March 10, 1881 at the house of Edward L. Kerr Natural Causes hemorrhage
Mary George November 1, 1857 at the late residence of Mary George unknown
Mary Hicks May 10, 1881 at the residence of Widow Lucy Clements Homicide gun and knife
Mary Lipscomb May 3, 1889 at Cowpens Homicide beating
Maty slave December 10, 1833 at the dwelling house of Jesse Hammet Accident
Medora Williams April 4, 1878 at Spartanburg C.H., Spartanburg, S.C. Accident epilepsy and fire
Miles Pryor July 6, 1878 at Hobby's Mill Accident gun
Mitilda Gilbert September 26, 1876 at Isaac Gilbert's Accident drowning
Moriah McIntire November 21, 1889 at or on H. Z. Taylor's place unknown heart disease or overwork
Moses free person of color December 8, 1850 at the house of Robert McCurley[?] unknown
Munroe Rabb January 10, 1880 at Spartanburg C.H. Accident train
Nancy slave November 11, 1857 unknown
Nancy Crawford August 9, 1876 at Cooly's Grave Yard Accident childbirth
Nancy Hawkins March 13, 1864 near the residence of Wm. Hawking Suicide hanging
Nancy Loyns June 25, 1889 at Elias Ballingers Natural Causes consumption
Nancy Montjoy October 13, 1889 Natural Causes heart disease
Nancy Poole March 31, 1841 at Nancy Pool's Suicide hanging
Nancy Smith February 10, 1847 at the resident of Elijah Smith Accident lightning
Nathaniel Miller September 2, 1825 Natural Causes
negro negro February 27, 1868 at or near Pacolet Springs Infanticide drowning
Nelly Grazier July 8, 1888 at Enora Natural Causes
Nesbitt Rice April 21, 1886 at Poplar Springs Natural Causes
Nicholas Gibson June 26, 1884 at the residence of Nicholas Gibson Natural Causes debility, warm weather, and advanced age
Noah Wesley Dawkins June 18, 1888 at home of John Dawkins Accident drowning
Obadiah Thomson March 1, 1886 unknown hanging
Obediah Martin July 21, 1853 in the road near Hugh Caldwell's Accident overturned wagon
Patsey Blanton May 5, 1886 at L. Blanton's residence Natural Causes
Patsy Cleary December 30, 1857 at the house of Lewis [?] Suicide hanging
Patsy Ervin April 14, 1869 unknown
Peggy Walden October 31, 1840 at the house of Joseph Walden Suicide hanging
Peter slave March 31, 1848 at or near Calum Foster's[?] Homicide gun
Peter C. Oclan January 7, 1850 at C. Burch's Natural Causes
Peter Moore July 3, 1880 at the residence of Mrs. Mary Dobson near Cedar Hill Natural Causes unknown
Pleasant T. Gossett November 18, 1870 Suicide hanging
Polly Evins August 18, 1886 at Joe Waters Natural Causes asthma
Polly Henderson December 28, 1876 at James Mitchell's Accident exposure
R. W. Foster September 26, 1859 at the mill pond near Holly Spring Suicide drowning
Rachail Langley December 30, 1878 in Spartanburg Co. Accident bad diet
Rebecca Crow February 27, 1857 on the Howard Gap Road one & a half miles from Spartanburgh, SC unknown
Rebecca Hendrix June 11, 1834 at the house of Capt. Peter Hamilton Accident
Reuben Brewton January 3, 1880 near Switzer's Bridge Natural Causes disease
Reuben Johnson March 11, 1881 Natural Causes
Richard C. Springs October 22, 1877 on the S&U R.R. near Spartanburg C.H. Accident train
Riley Parker January 15, 1884 at Clifton in Spartanburg Accident fight
Robert E. Tuck December 14, 1879 at the residence of L M. Gentry Accident alcohol and exposure
Rolen Hutcheson January 3, 1803 at the dwelling house of William Davis Homicide shovel
Rosa M. Smith October 11, 1877 at Spartanburg C.H., Spartanburg, S.C. Accident burning
Roster slave July 27, 1844 at Fielden Clayton's Natural Causes

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