Spartanburg County, SC

County Name: 
South Carolina

Spartanburg County, SC Inquests

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Name Deceased Description Date Inquest Location Death Type Death Method
infant April 21, 1869 Unknown
infant December 24, 1882 at the residence of Miss Mary Bridges Natural Causes
infant January 8, 1815 at the plantation of James Leatherwood Homicide
infant January 28, 1863 at Cannon's Old Grave yard Accident
infant November 18, 1869 at Daniel Oglesby's near Thickety Creek, Limestone[?] Township Natural Causes
infant June 15, 1884 at Gaffney City Homicide
infant March 6, 1884 in the City of Spartanburg Homicide
infant January 29, 1888 at Spartanburg C.H. Unknown
infant September 19, 1833 at the home of William Griffin Homicide
infant May 10, 1882 on the Howard Gap road Unknown
infant September 12, 1882 at Chester Scruggs well Homicide
infant September 20, 1857 at Jared[?] Arnold's Accident
infant March 20, 1883 at Jerry Frey's House Accident
infant March 16, 1883 at Martha J. Adkins Natural Causes
infant April 15, 1879 at the house of Mrs. Mary Smith Accident
infant September 30, 1884 at the residence of W. A. Reed Natural Causes
infant March 16, 1870 at Isaac Young's on Pacolet River Homicide
infant November 29, 1860 Accident
infant May 7, 1887 near Pelham Unknown
infant February 13, 1844 at Lovey Kirby's Unknown
infant April 6, 1865 near Hobbysville Homicide
infant August 23, 1888 at Spartanburg Homicide
infant November 20, 1844 at the house of Henry Alley Unknown
infant February 15, 1845 at the late residence of Samuel Trollinger Unknown
Isaac slave May 16, 1836 near Cowpen Furnace Accident
Isaac Greer December 29, 1879 at Vernonville Natural Causes
Isaac Montgomery March 23, 1886 at Spartanburg C.H. Suicide
J. H. McPherson January 3, 1877 at Gaffney City Suicide pistol
J. H. Vandike May 20, 1877 at Crawfordville Natural Causes
J. M. Higgins March 16, 1889 at Clifton Accident train
J. Mand Elford September 25, 1877 at Spartanburg Court House Suicide pistol
Jackson Byars December 13, 1877 at Boiling Springs Accident
Jacob Briges September 18, 1832 at the house of Jacob Briges Natural Causes
Jacob Scott January 21, 1882 Unknown
Jame N. Coleman May 17, 1879 at the house of James N. Coleman Suicide rope
James B. Brawly November 2, 1842 at Spartanburgh Court House Homicide pocket knife
James Boiter May 20, 1887 near Wakefield Bridge Natural Causes
James Brooks March 28, 1884 near where Ferguson Creek enters South Tyger River Accident
James Cook June 3, 1845 in the old field near the still house of James Cook Natural Causes
James Gregory August 28, 1880 at Geo. W. Turner's Accident horse
James Hindman February 11, 1875 Accident
James L. Cathcart February 18, 1889 at Wm. Cathcart's Accident
James M. D'young February 16, 1879 at John J. Moore's Homicide
James M. Rhodes August 27, 1862 at the residence of James M. Rhodes Homicide
James McCravy January 4, 1851 at the house of Amos Holmes Accident
James Owens March 13, 1885 at James Owens's house Accident
James Robertson September 13, 1885 at Calvin Brewton's Natural Causes
James Turner June 27, 1889 at or near Gaffney City Accident train
Jane Soseby January 2, 1859 at or near John Soseby's residence Suicide rope
Jeremiah Morgan January 12, 1881 at or near the residence of Accident horse

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