Fairfield County, SC

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South Carolina

Fairfield County, SC Inquests

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Name Deceased Description Date Inquest Location Death Typesort descending Death Method
Ned February 15, 1831 near the house of Joseph Gladney Little River Accident
Isaac Miller at Thomas W. Rables[?] Accident
Proph[?] Fryday at Willson Fryday's Accident
Samuel Williams at Major Wilkes' plantation Accident
Thomas Yongue near Strother Accident
W. Bone[?] Durham at Winnsboro Accident train
Robert McCants January 27, 1817 at the house of Samuel Alston Accident
H. T.[?] Davis at Alston Accident
Littleton Hollis December 11, 1831 at the house of Sanders Gibson Other
Sam Clark near Lyles Ford Natural Causes
Elsie Starks at N.C. Roberts' place Natural Causes
Pinkie Lemmon at J.H. Aiken's Natural Causes
Ed Caldwell at Jas. McFir's[?] place Natural Causes
Ephram Ashford at [?] Natural Causes
Amy Thompson June 12, 1878 at or near Shelton Natural Causes
Edward William Davis September 29, 1870 at Ridgeway Natural Causes
Nettie Frazier at the plantation of Mrs. Nancy Youngue Natural Causes
Martha Stevenson Natural Causes
Ely Edwards at Ridgeway Natural Causes
John Wallcot at Winnsboro Natural Causes
Dolly Glenn at the Doly place Natural Causes
Maria Powell at the Paggitt place Natural Causes
Elisha Farless[?] September 15, 1847 at Robert Youngers Mill house Natural Causes
Phillis August 18, 1831 at the house of Charles P. Stone Natural Causes
Delia Hell at J.K. Alston's plantation Natural Causes
Sarilla Coleman August 5, 1880 at the residence of Henry Jeffares Natural Causes
Emanuel Thomas at Winnsboro Natural Causes
Sallie Manigo at Mrs. E.M. Turner's place Natural Causes
Thos P. Milnor February 5, 1849 at Winnsboro Natural Causes
Doreas Mobley May 18, 1870 at the house of Mrs. Doreas Mobley Natural Causes
Amilia Ruffin August 7, 1880 at S.W. Ruffs Natural Causes
Brown Lee at the McCerkin[?] grave yard Natural Causes
Sallie Walker at M.J. Steel's[?] place Natural Causes
Nancey Means December 22, 1879 at D.T. Gibson's Natural Causes
Dinah Jackson April 29, 1880 at Joseph Thompson's Plantation Natural Causes
Rachel Manigun at Feasterville Natural Causes
Madison Harper September 23, 1867 at the residence of R.E. Ellison Natural Causes
Unknown at Davis Lyles'[?] place Natural Causes
Sindy Simmons at Winnsboro Natural Causes
Charles Jones February 11, 1879 at R.J. Gladney's Natural Causes
Mary Whitman at R.E. Martin's Natural Causes
Matilda Hall June 28, 1880 at residence of deceased on plantation of C.S. Brice Natural Causes
Hardy January 17, 1848 at the house of I.B. McCall Natural Causes
Mary Cook at Henry Cook's Natural Causes
Thomas Stevenson at the Jesse Wayride place Natural Causes
May March 20, 1832 at the plantation of Doctor William Bratton on Wateree Creek Natural Causes
Calline Crosby Natural Causes
Jonathan June 5, 1826 at the plantation of Wm Ader[?] Natural Causes
Unknown at the Gailiard Plantation Natural Causes
Elizabeth Leightner July 1, 1875 at Col. Fenlis[?] Plantation Natural Causes

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