Chesterfield County, SC

County Name: 
South Carolina

Chesterfield County, SC Inquests

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Name Deceased Description Date Inquest Location Death Type Death Methodsort descending
Christen Turnage August 29, 1892 at Robert Turnage Natural Causes
Laura Doneyhue October 17, 1901 at the Plantation of Geo Gregory, M.D. Natural Causes
Beatrice McGuine March 23, 1896 at W. A. Buchannon's Place Accident
Infant of Samuel Love Infant of Samuel Love November 16, 1887 at Chesterfield C. H. Accident
Robert Jefferson July 13, 1932 at the Home of Agnes Smith Homicide
Maston Fuller September 21, 1916 [no location given] Accident
Harry Horton October 8, 1889 at Harry Hortons Natural Causes
Peter Chambers March 19, 1886 at Cheraw Accident
Ann Funderburk August 27, 1880 at Oak Hill Grave Yard Natural Causes
Lonnie Jordan February 4, 1934 about 5 miles east of Jefferson Suicide
Adeline Terry February 6, 1883 at Henry Grant's Natural Causes
Theatus or Theater Williams August 21, 1926 at Mt. Croghan Natural Causes
J.D. "Doc" Wallace March 19, 1915 at Pageland Homicide
Henry Blakeny June 6, 1893 at Ana Deason Homicide
Blair Massey Alias: Isaac Funderburk May 16, 1896 at Phillip Arrant Natural Causes
James Nelson November 22, 1903 at E. C. Clark's place Homicide
Solomon Wilks April 3, 1893 at Soloman Wilks Other
Ephram Chapman February 15, 1885 at Thomson Creek Bridge on Cheraw Road Accident
Woodroe Wallace February 22, 1931 at Cheraw Unknown
John Jefferson March 17, 1936 at Chesterfield Homicide
George Myers October 21, 1894 at Hornsboro Natural Causes
Haup W. Oliver June 9, 1912 [no location given] Homicide
Infant of Solomon Huguy Infant of Solomon Huguy [no location given] Accident
Rose Brodie June 5, 1897 on MacFarland plantation Natural Causes
W. Thomas Welsh January 16, 1890 at Sebram Welsh Natural Causes
Infant of Peter and Mary Hancock Infant of Peter and Mary Hancock March 1, 1898 at B.C. Moons Natural Causes
Martha Boone January 16, 1896 at A. B. Merrimans place Accident
Luis Ratcliff May 1, 1874 at C. A. Mores Accident
Frank Flowers January 31, 1921 [no location given] Homicide
Lillie C. McManus February 10, 1889 at T. M. McManus's Natural Causes
Caroline Timons January 10, 1901 at Mount Croghan Natural Causes
A. M. Hill March 19, 1879 at John P. Sathens Suicide
C. Walker Arant June 29, 1933 at Pageland Homicide
Sarah Acock February 25, 1881 at D. R. Davison Natural Causes
Waterman Fleming August 3, 1925 at Jule Fleming's Natural Causes
Houston Taylor October 6, 1915 at G. F. Erasmo Homicide
Lee Roy Almond November 18, 1893 at R. J. Almond's Natural Causes
Augusta Sullivan August 4, 1896 at Chesterfield County, South Carolina Accident
Earnest Hammond October 15, 1945 at Cheraw Suicide
Unknown Unknown February 16, 1923 at Cheraw Accident
John A. Motz October 18, 1886 at the Brewer Gold Mine Accident
Willie Dunlap September 6, 1904 [in] Chesterfield County, South Carolina Accident
Charlie Woodward November 16, 1896 at Robert Polson's Place Unknown
Mary Love January 17, 1876 at Mrs. Clovers Spencers Accident
Sarah Johnson July 8, 1893 at Hebron Church Natural Causes
L. M. Stroud August 18, 1909 at Tom Strouds Natural Causes
Lilie May Dove November 29, 1943 at Cheraw Homicide
Unknown Infant Unknown Infant September 23, 1900 at James Thompson's Unknown
W. Boggan Cash May 15, 1884 at the house of W. B. Cash on the Gregg place Other
Austin Dunlap April 10, 1894 at Waterman Robinson's Accident

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