Chesterfield County, SC

County Name: 
South Carolina

Chesterfield County, SC Inquests

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Name Deceased Description Datesort descending Inquest Location Death Type Death Method
Stephen Roberson June 5, 1878 at Hortonsvill Unknown
Sarah Farmer July 14, 1878 at Williams Goodwin Place Accident
Joseph H. Sellers October 6, 1878 at the residence of J. S. Sellers Suicide
Sandy McNair December 14, 1878 at Peter Ingrahams Accident
A. M. Hill March 19, 1879 at John P. Sathens Suicide
Unknown infant Unknown infant July 14, 1879 at Cheraw Natural Causes
Unknown infant Unknown infant July 14, 1879 at Cheraw Natural Causes
Alexander Hough August 9, 1879 at Alfred Hough's Accident
Georgia Brower December 27, 1879 at A. E. Evans Accident
Unknown July 2, 1880 at Samson Campbell Accident
Ann Funderburk August 27, 1880 at Oak Hill Grave Yard Natural Causes
Wilson Campbell December 26, 1880 at Henry Sorrels Accident
Unknown infant December 28, 1880 at Chesterfield Accident
Fletcher McFarland January 17, 1881 at Davis McFarlands Accident
Sarah Acock February 25, 1881 at D. R. Davison Natural Causes
Henry Powell May 15, 1881 at Cheraw Suicide
Amanda Ellerbe July 31, 1881 at the residence of John Ellerbe Natural Causes
Berry McLauren August 1, 1881 at Jas P. Brock's Mill Accident
Major McGraw December 6, 1881 at the House of J. W. Mathews Unknown
Pickens M. Brown February 10, 1882 at Cheraw Accident horse
Sandy Purvis March 1, 1882 at A.B. Reid's Turpentine Camp Accident lightning
Berry Campbell March 1, 1882 at A.B. Reid's Turpentine Camp Accident lightning
John Smotherman March 1, 1882 at A.B. Reid's Turpentine Camp Accident lightning
Lucy Ellen Jane Rivers November 9, 1882 at Chesterfield C. H. Accident
Maston Quick January 17, 1883 at Cheraw Accident buggy
Adeline Terry February 6, 1883 at Henry Grant's Natural Causes
Unknown Infant Unknown Infant February 23, 1883 at Chesterfield C. H. Natural Causes
Unknown Infant Unknown Infant March 10, 1883 at the house of Peter Blakeney Accident
William Cassidy July 28, 1883 at Levi Cassidy's Accident horse
E. A. Teal September 1, 1883 near and on the north side of the Public Road leading from Chesterfield C. H. to Abrahams Creek and the middle prong of said Creek Natural Causes
John Campbell September 26, 1883 at Chesterfield C. H. Natural Causes
W. H. H. Richards February 1, 1884 at Cheraw Homicide
Samuel Brock Sr. March 23, 1884 at Samuel Brocks Sr Accident
James Hammons March 25, 1884 at Andrew Bristers Natural Causes
W. Boggan Cash May 15, 1884 at the house of W. B. Cash on the Gregg place Other
Kissey Blakeny October 22, 1884 at Kessey Blakenys Natural Causes
Mrs. May M. White January 22, 1885 at E. P. Whites Natural Causes
Ephram Chapman February 15, 1885 at Thomson Creek Bridge on Cheraw Road Accident
John Ellerbe March 2, 1885 at McKays Station at Cheraw Accident train
Dora Woods May 3, 1885 at Cheraw Accident
Elizabeth Knight June 27, 1885 at Joseph Knight's residence Accident
Collen Baskins August 4, 1885 at Josh Baskins Accident
Mary Adams September 23, 1885 at Mary Adams Natural Causes
Grover Cassidy December 3, 1885 at W. F. Pates Natural Causes
Augustus Johnson December 17, 1885 Chesterfield County, South Carolina Accident
Peter Chambers March 19, 1886 at Cheraw Accident
Frank Little May 16, 1886 at G. J. Malloy's Residence Suicide
Elsie Williams June 28, 1886 at Cheraw Accident
Benjamin Grady August 28, 1886 at Brocks Mill Accident
John A. Motz October 18, 1886 at the Brewer Gold Mine Accident

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