Chesterfield County, SC

County Name: 
South Carolina

Chesterfield County, SC Inquests

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Name Deceased Description Date Inquest Location Death Typesort descending Death Method
Robert Paul Harden April 5, 1948 at McBee, S. C. Accident automobile
Basil Vick March 12, 1941 at Pageland Accident
Earnest Tolson August 31, 1937 at Patrick Accident automobile
Willie Ford July 1, 1935 [no location given] Accident baseball
Hardy Lindsay February 16, 1937 at Chesterfield Accident automobile
Joseph Homer Lavinge July 5, 1940 at Jefferson Accident automobile
William Cassidy July 28, 1883 at Levi Cassidy's Accident horse
William Sandy Little June 18, 1890 at the Belk Place Accident
Ransom Hinton March 29, 1872 at Purvis' Bridge Accident
Heck Curry January 22, 1940 at Chesterfield Accident automobile
Ben Baker September 15, 1934 at Jefferson Accident truck
James Warren Blackmon November 2, 1942 at Cheraw Accident truck
Charlie Myers April 19, 1939 at Pageland Accident automobile
T. B. Weatherford January 1, 1935 at Cheraw Accident mule
Sam Malloy May 30, 1899 at Chesterfield County, South Carolina Accident
John T. Parker November 23, 1945 at Chesterfield, S.C. Accident
James Walters October 21, 1947 at Cheraw Accident boat
Lawson L. Rhodes July 15, 1938 at Cheraw Accident automobile
Maston Quick January 17, 1883 at Cheraw Accident buggy
Sam King February 13, 1948 at McBee, S. C. Accident automobile
Robert Harold Mills January 29, 1936 at Pageland Accident truck
Virginia Fletcher September 15, 1934 at Jefferson Accident truck
Glenn Strong August 31, 1941 at Cheraw Accident train
Charity Goldplate March 9, 1894 at Dr. McKay's place Accident lightning
Charlie Nivers June 2, 1936 at Cheraw Accident automobile
Martin Gary Kennington December 23, 1934 at Pageland Accident automobile
James David Mauldin April 8, 1946 at Chesterfield Accident automobile
Fletcher Forest Hankins June 18, 1941 at Jefferson, S.C. Accident automobile
James A. Hugans November 20, 1903 at J. A. Hugans Accident
Berry McLauren August 1, 1881 at Jas P. Brock's Mill Accident
Lizzie Clyburn October 10, 1924 at Pageland Accident
Lennie Pope January 24, 1940 at Chesterfield Accident automobile
N. C. Smith July 19, 1871 at N.S. Smith's residence Accident tree fall
Harry Fort January 6, 1875 at Cheraw Accident train
Flora Bell Ford October 18, 1948 at Cheraw Accident automobile
Fannie Dennis March 6, 1950 at Cheraw, S.C. Accident automobile
Paul Deese January 14, 1947 at Cheraw, S.C. Accident train
Unknown Infant Unknown Infant March 10, 1883 at the house of Peter Blakeney Accident
John Marshell Pages August 9, 1901 at F. Sherrell's place Accident
Benjamin Franklin Zimmerman June 18, 1932 near Patrick Accident
John Dawkins July 14, 1904 [in] Chesterfield County, South Carolina Accident
Lucy Ellen Jane Rivers November 9, 1882 at Chesterfield C. H. Accident
Tellman Shaw December 16, 1934 at McBee Accident automobile
Maston Fuller September 21, 1916 [no location given] Accident
Unknown July 2, 1880 at Samson Campbell Accident
Fred Hanna November 27, 1939 at Ruby, S.C. Accident automobile
James Purdie Deese January 14, 1947 at Cheraw, S.C. Accident train
Martha Hubbard January 1, 1912 at McBee Accident
Lee Blakney February 25, 1944 at Pageland Accident plank
H. R. McLeod June 7, 1932 at McBee Accident automobile

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