Chesterfield County, SC

County Name: 
South Carolina

Chesterfield County, SC Inquests

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Name Deceased Description Date Inquest Location Death Type Death Methodsort descending
Samuel Threatt November 4, 1892 at Samuel Threatt's Natural Causes
Georgia Brower December 27, 1879 at A. E. Evans Accident
Walter Manningall November 21, 1906 at Clearview in Chesterfield County Accident
Ann Funderburk August 27, 1880 at Oak Hill Grave Yard Natural Causes
Mrs. M. C. Williams October 13, 1908 [at] Mrs. Williams Accident
Betty Gene Mangum December 19, 1934 at Pageland Natural Causes
Austin Dunlap April 10, 1894 at Waterman Robinson's Accident
Thomas Hoiston August 13, 1907 at Bethel Homicide
Mac Adams [no location given] Unknown
Jasper Thomas March 28, 1934 at Cheraw, S. C. Homicide
Mary Elizabeth Rallings February 6, 1900 at Sanford Rallings' Natural Causes
Leonard Clark July 3, 1946 at Jefferson, SC Homicide
Kenneth M. Douglas October 17, 1946 at Cheraw Homicide
Adam Eubanks April 19, 1894 at the residence of the deceased Natural Causes
Grover Cassidy December 3, 1885 at W. F. Pates Natural Causes
Sam Malloy May 30, 1899 at Chesterfield County, South Carolina Accident
Major McGraw December 6, 1881 at the House of J. W. Mathews Unknown
Aaron Rogers May 14, 1872 at Isham Johnson's Plantation Accident
Simney Harrington August 7, 1868 at Cheraw Natural Causes
Infant of Rick Rogers Infant of Rick Rogers June 11, 1895 at J.B. Buchannon's place Accident
Isabelle Huggins February 5, 1896 at Jm S. Haggan place Natural Causes
Emma Bennett July 10, 1888 at Cheraw Natural Causes
A. M. Hill March 19, 1879 at John P. Sathens Suicide
James Knight September 9, 1905 [no location given] Natural Causes
Benjamin Crowley January 31, 1888 at Benjamin Crowley's Natural Causes
Pollock Chewning October 14, 1931 at Cheraw Homicide
Edward Huntly December 31, 1907 [no location given] Accident
Reece Chapman July 26, 1948 at Chesterfield, South Carolina Homicide
Authur Lee Johnson October 1, 1904 at the place of Mary Cassidy Natural Causes
George Lindsay May 7, 1945 at Chesterfield, South Carolina Accident
Henry Powell May 15, 1881 at Cheraw Suicide
Adeline Terry February 6, 1883 at Henry Grant's Natural Causes
Rena McFarlow [no location given] Suicide
Samuel Brock Sr. March 23, 1884 at Samuel Brocks Sr Accident
James W. Steene August 22, 1898 at the Residence of Deceased James W. Steene Natural Causes
Janice Parsons October 8, 1899 [no location given] Natural Causes
R. H. Crawford January 26, 1894 at Elisha Boans Natural Causes
George Myers October 21, 1894 at Hornsboro Natural Causes
Benjamin Frank April 13, 1943 at Pageland Unknown
William Fortune November 24, 1873 at Jerkens Stabberd Accident
Macomb Campbell March 10, 1873 at R. E. Evans' Accident
Sarah Watson January 31, 1938 at Cheraw Homicide
Mary Adams September 23, 1885 at Mary Adams Natural Causes
Wade Harper September 3, 1924 at Cheraw Accident
Farquer Ratliff August 11, 1941 at Chesterfield Homicide
Joseph H. Sellers October 6, 1878 at the residence of J. S. Sellers Suicide
Rose Brodie June 5, 1897 on MacFarland plantation Natural Causes
Solomon Wilks April 3, 1893 at Soloman Wilks Other
Bonnie Redfern December 18, 1939 at Chesterfield Homicide
Sarah Acock February 25, 1881 at D. R. Davison Natural Causes

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