Laurens County, SC

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South Carolina

Laurens County, SC Inquests

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Name Deceased Description Date Inquest Location Death Type Death Methodsort descending
John Meador January 18, 1828 at the house of Mrs Nancy Parks Suicide
Rachel Dullivan January 30, 1890 at Rachel Dullivan Residence Natural Causes
George May 6, 1849 at C... Garlington Mill pond Accident
Jno Fuller October 6, 1890 on the plantation of Melmoth Hooker Homicide
John Davis September 6, 1859 at Jas. H. Parks Accident
Infant male child of G.Y. Jennings Infant male child of G.Y. Jennings April 10, 1893 behind Elihu Bullock's stables Homicide
George October 9, 1822 at John Williams Suicide
Infant of Adeline Teague Infant of Adeline Teague August 18, 1894 at Laurens County Court House Accident
Mack Byrd July 20, 1885 at Duncans Creek Colored Baptist Church Homicide
Silas Cockrum April 28, 1858 at Jacks Bridge Accident
Mat April 13, 1815 on Hugh Mahoffeys Plantation Suicide
Dick August 13, 1818 on the plantation of John Boyd Natural Causes
Virgil November 17, 1844 in the woods near to George Blakely plantation Suicide
Cuffy April 19, 1853 at Dorroughs Mill Suicide
Daniel Williams January 3, 1822 at Mrs. Mary Williams Suicide
Die December 23, 1836 at the corner of Mrs. Sarah Young's field Accident
Infant Child of Caroline Hunter Infant Child of Caroline Hunter January 13, 1872 at Samuel J. Bryson plantion Accident
Azariah Butler August 25, 1876 at the Residence of Azeriah Butler Homicide
John Henry Hitch August 28, 1837 at the House of John Hitch Suicide
Squire October 24, 1865 at the plantation of Saml. Todd Homicide
Freeman Cook March 18, 1896 at John Cook's Natural Causes
Sarah Owens October 9, 1866 at David Owens's Suicide
Charley Young June 17, 1893 on the plantation of Henry Young Natural Causes
Emma Williams January 8, 1894 at J.O.C. Fleming's mill Accident
Jane Forgy March 10, 1896 on the plantation of Mattie McPherson Accident
William Moore April 15, 1893 in a lake near little river Accident
Infant child of Susanah Finny Infant child of Susanah Finny June 8, 1821 at the House of Mary Holland Homicide
Duff Gist June 20, 1893 at Beaver Dam Church Accident
Saul Bates January 24, 1815 at James Johnsons mill Natural Causes
Nehemiah Franks July 27, 1859 at Nehemiah Franks Natural Causes
Alexander Calder May 15, 1803 at Calder's house Suicide
John Larke December 14, 1884 at J D Sullivans place Homicide
Dr. E. C. Shell November 5, 1868 at Henry Shell's Homicide
Meredith Griffin February 15, 1889 at F D Hunters Homicide
Ned Dial December 25, 1890 at Powers Natural Causes
James Hitt April 1, 1857 at Mary Hays Suicide
John November 28, 1850 at Yancy Hellams Suicide
John Elmore January 3, 1883 at Aaron Elmore home on LE Foleys plantation Accident
Alice Miller November 16, 1893 in Alice Miller's house Natural Causes
David Fowler October 2, 1891 on the Pyles place Accident
George February 6, 1815 at the plantation of Daniel Brag Accident
George Williams August 23, 1802 at Jeremiah Conants Accident
Charmes October 7, 1865 at Levison Fowlers Natural Causes
Certain Mail Bastard Child Certain Mail Bastard Child January 16, 1838 at the house of Joseph McConathy Homicide
John Cole February 4, 1848 at Milton Other
Clem Davis August 31, 1894 Near Barksdale station of the Greenville and Laurens RR Homicide
George Grant January 16, 1894 at Laurens County Court House Accident
Daniel October 8, 1834 at Maj. John Blacks Accident
John Weston December 31, 1890 on the plantaion of Robt Bailey Accident
John Watson May 23, 1892 at Clinton Accident

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