Fairfield County, SC

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South Carolina

Fairfield County, SC Inquests

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Name Deceased Description Date Inquest Location Death Typesort ascending Death Method
Charles Brown at the house of Simon Jones Accident lightning
Maggie Henderson at the Dr. Sam Mobley place Accident
Ned February 15, 1831 near the house of Joseph Gladney Little River Accident
Hattie Brown March 30, 1880 on plantation of Mrs. Frances Yongue Accident
Samuel Williams at Major Wilkes' plantation Accident
Isaac Davis February 27, 1880 at Jas. R. McGills Accident
Kitty Young near Rock City Accident
Elenora Yongue near Struther[?] Accident
Willie Williams Accident
Rachel McBurney October 21, 1833 in the house of Major James Barkley Accident
J. W. Park May 24, 1870 at Black Jack Accident
H. L.[?] Davis Accident
Wilson Clark at Winnsboro Accident train
Hary January 10, 1857 at Winnsboro Accident wagon
Unknown at the House of Frank Stephanie Accident
James Sims August 23, 1877 at Lyles Ford Accident wagon
Eugenia Richardson on James McGill's plantation Accident
Lucilla S. Gresham Chester Co., at Shelton Depot Accident
Sam October 31, 1840 at the house of Nelson [?] Accident
Thomas Thompson at Capt. Manus' place Accident
George Craig January 19, 1825 at the house of Mathew Richmond Accident
Willie Featherston December 29, 1875 at Ridgeway Accident
Robert McCants January 27, 1817 at the house of Samuel Alston Accident
Mary Brown's infant at William Brice's place Accident
Emma Beser November 24, 1877 at Broom's Mill Accident
Addora Wallace Accident
Rose Ford at Winnsboro Accident opium
Chas. Youngue at the plantation of Dr.[?] B. Estes Accident
Ben February 12, 1840 by the publick Road Leding from Mr. Gaydons[?] Store to Rocky Mount Accident
Nancy James March 13, 1875 at Thomas[?] Fegins[?] Accident
Bob May 31, 1831 at Rocky Mount Accident
Jesse May 15, 1850 at Lyles Ford on the Broad River Accident
Adaline Cason at Kase Williamson's Accident
Green Kerley December 31, 1869 at Winnsboro Accident
Robert Willingham October 6, 1876 at the residence of Mrs. L.E. Kirkland Accident
Joe Coleman near Buck Head Accident
George Fisher March 14, 1826 on the bank of the Broad River Accident
William Penny March 5, 1839 at Mr. Thomas A. Rabbs Accident horse
George Keerison November 22, 1856 at Alston Depot, G & C.[?] R. Road Accident
Cudjo Johnson November 29, 1875 at the Poor House Accident
Arthur Ben at Jenkinsville Accident
Charles Goins at T.D. [?] plantation Accident mule
Infant child of Amanda Williams at the residence of Alex Cockerell Accident
Isaac December 31, 1832 the house of Mrs. Jane Brown of Horse branch of Wateree Creek Accident horse
John Downey February 26, 1873 at Winnsboro Accident
Aleck Dorsey March 23, 1877 at J.W. Coleman's plantation Accident
Frank Young in Fairfield County, South Carolina Accident
Phebe February 25, 1832 at the house of Littleton Kelly Accident tree fall
Unknown December 10, 1877 at Alexander Harris' Accident
Willie Dawkins at the old Ashford place Accident

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