Spartanburg County, SC

County Name: 
South Carolina

Spartanburg County, SC Inquests

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Name Deceased Description Date Inquest Location Death Typesort descending Death Method
infant November 13, 1857 at Asail Littlefield's Unknown
Jesse Wood April 13, 1829 Unknown
Burrel Evins November 23, 1814 at the dwelling house of Daniel Evins Unknown
infant May 10, 1882 on the Howard Gap road Unknown
Bob freedman October 10, 1865 near David Holcomb's Unknown
John Covington October 26, 1849 at the house of John Covington Unknown
Jacob Scott January 21, 1882 Unknown
Augustus Moore July 16, 1843 at Mary Flemming's Unknown
William Belott February 8, 1867 near the house of Wm. Hunter Unknown
John Westmorland August 1, 1847 at James Hopkins's Unknown
Joseph Parham February 10, 1867 at an out house near Alexander Purcell's[?] Unknown
infant February 13, 1844 at Lovey Kirby's Unknown
Henry Johnson November 6, 1820 at the [?] of John Mavis[?] Unknown
Viney Miller November 23, 1874 at the house of Daniel Swinney Unknown
Mary George November 1, 1857 at the late residence of Mary George Unknown
Alpha Wingo May 7, 1869 on North Pacolet River at Harry Wingo's Unknown
Moriah McIntire November 21, 1889 at or on H. Z. Taylor's place Unknown
John Anderson November 18, 1889 at Jonesville School house (col.) Unknown
Hannah Eves colored July 23, 1872 at D.J. Turt[?]'s Unknown
infant May 7, 1887 near Pelham Unknown
Elizabeth Low June 19, 1828 Unknown
infant April 21, 1869 Unknown
Emeline Low June 19, 1828 Unknown
Rebecca Crow February 27, 1857 on the Howard Gap Road one & a half miles from Spartanburgh, SC Unknown
Samuel Kilpatrick July 28, 1882 at Jackson Grove Church Unknown
Thomas P. Benson October 10, 1880 Unknown
Obadiah Thomson March 1, 1886 Unknown
Patsy Ervin April 14, 1869 Unknown
Ben slave July 7, 1843 at a spring near the plantation fo said Farrow Unknown
Moses free person of color December 8, 1850 at the house of Robert McCurley[?] Unknown
Clarissa Kiericon freedwoman August 12, 1866 at Spartanburg C. House Unknown
infant January 29, 1888 at Spartanburg C.H. Unknown
black man black man March 13, 1867 at Batesville Unknown
Columbus Dempsey August 2, 1858 at the parish Unknown
infant November 20, 1844 at the house of Henry Alley Unknown
Joseph Davis September 9, 1820 at the house of George Miller Unknown
Nancy slave November 11, 1857 Unknown
infant February 15, 1845 at the late residence of Samuel Trollinger Unknown
Caleb Woodruff February 5, 1831 at Bethel Meeting House Accident horse
John Baswell February 16, 1860 at the plantation of Abner McVay Accident
William McAbee April 8, 1885 Accident
Chaney Pilgrim August 12, 1877 at the plantation of James Anderson Accident
Rachail Langley December 30, 1878 in Spartanburg Co. Accident
William Davis January 16, 1841 at or near the residence of Alex. McMakin Accident
Woodward King July 16, 1820 at Capt. Boles[?] Hamilton's Accident
Willie Senteel August 9, 1885 at Clifton Accident
Nancy Smith February 10, 1847 at the resident of Elijah Smith Accident lightning
Hosea Jackson free person of color July 10, 1863 upon the Rail Road of the Spartanburg & Union Accident train
John R. Edwards March 24, 1858 Accident
Polly Henderson December 28, 1876 at James Mitchell's Accident

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