Laurens County, SC

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South Carolina

Laurens County, SC Inquests

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Name Deceased Description Datesort descending Inquest Location Death Type Death Method
Isham December 7, 1846 at Mrs Martha Mitchells Suicide
Bob January 16, 1847 at Francis Thomasson's Homicide stick
Bilpha Hargroove February 1, 1847 at Joseph Simmon's Natural Causes
John Cole February 4, 1848 at Milton Other
Lucinda Clantice May 1, 1849 at the late residence of Lucinda Clantice Homicide stick
George May 6, 1849 at C... Garlington Mill pond Accident
Henry Henderson March 19, 1850 at Henry Hendersons Accident
Nance June 21, 1850 at James Youngs Homicide hickory stick
Barbara Milam September 25, 1850 at T R Milams Homicide axe
John November 28, 1850 at Yancy Hellams Suicide
O. P. Brown October 27, 1851 at Durbin Creek Accident
Henry November 24, 1851 at J.H. Dillards Accident
Cuffy April 19, 1853 at Dorroughs Mill Suicide
Borough August 21, 1853 on the high Road near Marengo Natural Causes
John Nickle October 30, 1853 at the House of David Owens Homicide whip
Daniel April 5, 1854 at a graveyard in Laurens District near Mrs Nancy Parks Suicide
Young Fuller May 3, 1854 at Mary McCrackins Homicide axe
Peter October 25, 1854 Homicide
Lavinia Rodgers November 1, 1854 at the House of Samuel McKnicks Unknown
Samuel Hudgens November 9, 1854 at Samuel Hudgens Suicide laudanum
Reeves February 23, 1855 Homicide
Mary Ann July 2, 1855 at the plantation of Henry Pitts on Walnut Creek Accident
Infant child of Ellen, enslaved by Robert Workman Infant child of Ellen, enslaved by Robert Workman July 6, 1855 at a grave yard near Odells Mill Homicide
Unknown Infant at Samuel Fleming's Plantation Unknown Infant at Samuel Fleming's Plantation July 29, 1855 at Samuel Flemings plantation Unknown
Miles Robuck December 16, 1856 at the house of S.S. Roebuck Accident
James Hitt April 1, 1857 at Mary Hays Suicide
George April 21, 1858 at Dr J G Tragham's Natural Causes
Silas Cockrum April 28, 1858 at Jacks Bridge Accident
Spencer May 9, 1858 in the woods on Mr R S Hendersons plantation Suicide
Susan Strain May 18, 1858 at Cross Hill Unknown
Infant enslaved by William Philson Infant enslaved by William Philson September 11, 1858 at the plantation settlement of William Philson Homicide
James Barksdale January 6, 1859 at E.P. Francis Unknown
Pompey January 8, 1859 at L.N. Allisons Unknown
John April 23, 1859 at the Residence of Dr. D A Richardson Accident
Elizabeth Brown May 3, 1859 at Daniel Browns House Suicide strychnine
William Owens May 28, 1859 at Wm Owens Homicide stick
Nehemiah Franks July 27, 1859 at Nehemiah Franks Natural Causes
John August 16, 1859 at Edw Garreth Accident
John Davis September 6, 1859 at Jas. H. Parks Accident
Lewis July 13, 1860 at William Young's darm Accident lightning
Anthony October 30, 1860 at Dr. McCoys Homicide
Laura Jones February 27, 1861 at Esther E. Jones Natural Causes
Ann July 26, 1861 at Barrington Avery, Esq's Gin Pond Suicide
Bill September 29, 1861 at HN Carters Homicide stick
Alexander January 2, 1862 at Dr. Austins Accident
Arch September 4, 1864 at SR Todds plantation Homicide
Infant enslaved by W.B. Henderson Infant enslaved by W.B. Henderson January 14, 1865 at W.B. Hendersons Homicide
Margaret Coats April 6, 1865 at Williams Coatses Accident
Kitty April 27, 1865 at David Owens's Homicide
Isaac May 9, 1865 Unknown

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