Laurens County, SC

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South Carolina

Laurens County, SC Inquests

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Name Deceased Description Date Inquest Location Death Typesort descending Death Method
Littleberry Sullivan July 28, 1808 Homicide
Agness Fowler January 26, 1897 at J.Y. Petts Homicide
Meredith Griffin February 15, 1889 at F D Hunters Homicide
George Fowler November 4, 1885 at Mrs S E Dunlop plantation Homicide
Will Simpson July 30, 1894 at Ella Nelson's residence Homicide
Sarah Owens October 9, 1866 at David Owens's Suicide
Jack April 6, 1810 at Thomas McCreary's Suicide
Samuel Kennedy June 8, 1842 at or near Laurens Court House Suicide
James Hitt April 1, 1857 at Mary Hays Suicide
Negro Man Negro Man June 20, 1808 Near Laurens Court house Suicide
Tom December 12, 1813 at Col. Starling Tucker's Suicide
Samuel Hudgens November 9, 1854 at Samuel Hudgens Suicide laudanum
Phil July 29, 1821 at Laurens Court House Suicide
Virgil November 17, 1844 in the woods near to George Blakely plantation Suicide
Henry Reece November 9, 1827 at Peter G.? Suicide
Emma Campbell March 30, 1893 at Frank Williams residence Suicide
Matildy Posey July 13, 1831 at Charles Poseys Suicide
R.Y. Hayne Bell March 31, 1893 at R.Y.H. Bell's house Suicide razor
Sambo August 1, 1821 at the house of Stephen Garretts Suicide
Micajah Crumpton August 15, 1837 at the House of Micajah Crumpton Suicide
Elizabeth Brown May 3, 1859 at Daniel Browns House Suicide strychnine
Mat April 13, 1815 on Hugh Mahoffeys Plantation Suicide
Isham December 7, 1846 at Mrs Martha Mitchells Suicide
Benjamin Yeargan December 11, 1865 at the residence of Benjmain Yeargans Suicide
Elizabeth Brown May 2, 1839 at Daniel Browns House Suicide strychnine
Wesley Barksdale April 29, 1884 on the Premises of A W Teague Suicide
M. F. Anderson February 22, 1883 at the residence of JR Anderson Suicide strychnine
Isabel Atkins August 11, 1834 on the Publick Road Between Rocky mt meeting house & John Williamsons Store Suicide
Unknown Negro Woman near Swansey's Ferry Unknown Negro Woman near Swansey's Ferry May 25, 1845 near Swanseys Ferry Suicide
George October 9, 1822 at John Williams Suicide
Dillard Higgins September 29, 1837 at the house of David Higgins Suicide
Daniel Williams January 3, 1822 at Mrs. Mary Williams Suicide
Daniel April 5, 1854 at a graveyard in Laurens District near Mrs Nancy Parks Suicide
Ralph R. Deming April 16, 1825 Suicide
William Washington August 11, 1813 at William Washingtons Suicide
Spencer May 9, 1858 in the woods on Mr R S Hendersons plantation Suicide
Reuben Ligon June 23, 1814 at Reuben Ligons Suicide
Cuffy April 19, 1853 at Dorroughs Mill Suicide
John Meador January 18, 1828 at the house of Mrs Nancy Parks Suicide
Edom March 6, 1845 at the house of James D. Thomason Suicide
John P. Sloan August 26, 1884 at Geo Y Youngs place in Laurens County - Known as the Brick house place Suicide
Ann July 26, 1861 at Barrington Avery, Esq's Gin Pond Suicide
Mary Peck February 23, 1828 in the District aforesaid Suicide
John Henry Hitch August 28, 1837 at the House of John Hitch Suicide
John November 28, 1850 at Yancy Hellams Suicide
Warren Richards August 18, 1894 Suicide train
William Owens October 13, 1831 at the Machine house of Pressley Owens Suicide
Peter October 25, 1834 at Robertson Osborns Suicide
Elisa Wilson October 14, 1841 at Edward Wilson's Suicide
Alexander Calder May 15, 1803 at Calder's house Suicide

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