Fairfield County, SC

County Name: 
South Carolina

Fairfield County, SC Inquests

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Namesort ascending Deceased Description Date Inquest Location Death Type Death Method
Wilson Clark at Winnsboro Accident train
Willis Gary at James Mockins[?] Accident train
Willie Williams Accident
Willie Gooding at [?] Blair's Accident
Willie Featherston December 29, 1875 at Ridgeway Accident
Willie Dawkins at the old Ashford place Accident
William Watson near the Harrison Ferry on the Wateree River Accident
William Wallace at Beau's Homicide pistol
William Rosborough at Winnsboro Homicide
William Penny March 5, 1839 at Mr. Thomas A. Rabbs Accident horse
William Hopkins at J. Feaster Lyles' plantation Accident
William Brewer at White Oak Accident train
William Bonner Jr. August 20, 1832 at the house late the Residence of William Bonner Jr. Accident horse
Wesley Smith at Winnsboro Homicide
Wade Chappell at William Steele's Natural Causes
W. T. Reid at Ridgeway Accident
W. H. Parker at Blythewood Accident train
W. Bone[?] Durham at Winnsboro Accident train
Viola Goings at S.R. Rutland's Accident
Vincent Hanes Homicide stick
Unknown March 26, 1875 at the residence of Mr. John Murpheys Natural Causes
Unknown January 20, 1877 at the residence of Thomas Mongomery Col'd on Capt. Hayne McMakens[?] Plantation Unknown
Unknown at the Gailiard Plantation Natural Causes
Unknown December 10, 1877 at Alexander Harris' Accident
Unknown August 1, 1840 at the plantation of Benoni[?] Robinson Unknown
Unknown February 25, 1832 at the house of Littleton Kelly Unknown
Unknown March 26, 1877 at James McGill's Accident
Unknown at Pollete [?] Harrison Homicide
Unknown June 6, 1829 at the plantation of John Holinshead on Broad River Accident
Unknown February 25, 1832 at the house of Littleton Kelly Unknown
Unknown [?] Homicide
Unknown at the House of Frank Stephanie Accident
Unknown May 2, 1862 at the house of Washington Hathcock Homicide
Unknown July 12, 1878 at Winnsboro
Unknown at Ridgeway Unknown
Unknown September 6, 1827 near the house of James Walling Homicide
Unknown November 5, 1857 Unknown
Unknown July 27, 1864 in and Old garden where Mrs Hariett[?] lived Unknown
Unknown July 13, 1830 at Rocky Mount Ferry Accident
Unknown at Davis Lyles'[?] place Natural Causes
Unknown February 14, 1874 at Thos Watt's Unknown
Tucker R. Clarke November 23, 1858 in Winnsboro Unknown
Tom Griffin at the freight depot in Winnsboro Accident train
Tom near the Catawba River Unknown
Thos P. Milnor February 5, 1849 at Winnsboro Natural Causes
Thomas Yongue near Strother Accident
Thomas Thompson at Capt. Manus' place Accident
Thomas Stevenson at the Jesse Wayride place Natural Causes
Thomas R. Bell December 23, 1876 at the late residence of Thos R. Bell Natural Causes
Thomas Hoffman at Blythewood Suicide

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