Chesterfield County, SC

County Name: 
South Carolina

Chesterfield County, SC Inquests

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Namesort ascending Deceased Description Date Inquest Location Death Type Death Method
H. F. Nivens January 1, 1893 at John Parker Natural Causes
Grover Cassidy December 3, 1885 at W. F. Pates Natural Causes
Grafton Mims December 14, 1936 [no location given] Accident automobile
Glenn Strong August 31, 1941 at Cheraw Accident train
Gilbert Crawford July 22, 1921 at Pageland Natural Causes
Georgia Brower December 27, 1879 at A. E. Evans Accident
George Smith December 27, 1914 at Mr. Geo. Smith's Residence Suicide
George Ratcliff May 1, 1874 at C. A. Mores Accident
George Myers October 21, 1894 at Hornsboro Natural Causes
George Lindsay May 7, 1945 at Chesterfield, South Carolina Accident
George Gardner January 22, 1935 in Chesterfield County Accident
George Bracy August 19, 1871 the plantation of Wm Cassady Natural Causes
George Blakeney February 12, 1896 at Chesterfield Court House Homicide rocks
G. W. Knight May 27, 1910 at Residence of G. W. Knight Suicide
G. D. Gullege June 14, 1909 near clus Rallings Natural Causes
G. B. Kelly December 16, 1896 at Chesterfield Court House Homicide
Furman Smith December 16, 1874 at Snow Hill Accident
Fred Walker February 10, 1929 at Cheraw Accident train
Fred Hanna November 27, 1939 at Ruby, S.C. Accident automobile
Fred Demby October 12, 1945 at Pageland Accident automobile
Frank Little May 16, 1886 at G. J. Malloy's Residence Suicide
Frank Flowers January 31, 1921 [no location given] Homicide
Ford Rayfield August 17, 1935 at Patrick Homicide truck
Flora Bell Ford October 18, 1948 at Cheraw Accident automobile
Fletcher McFarland January 17, 1881 at Davis McFarlands Accident
Fletcher Forest Hankins June 18, 1941 at Jefferson, S.C. Accident automobile
Fletcher Boan October 25, 1947 at Chesterfield Accident tree
Fleetwood Moody May 20, 1936 at Patrick Accident
Finley Hall November 30, 1912 at Ansleydale Natural Causes
Faye Bennett February 6, 1938 at Chesterfield Accident automobile
Farquer Ratliff August 11, 1941 at Chesterfield Homicide
Fannie Dennis March 6, 1950 at Cheraw, S.C. Accident automobile
F. H. McNair February 2, 1899 on E.M. Wells' Plantation Accident
Evans Gulledge November 23, 1940 at Chesterfield Homicide
Eva Tucker May 29, 1894 at R. P. Tucker's place Accident
Ephram Chapman February 15, 1885 at Thomson Creek Bridge on Cheraw Road Accident
Enoch Adams November 23, 1916 at Cheraw Accident
Emma Ellerbe April 6, 1925 at McBee Accident automobile
Emma Bennett July 10, 1888 at Cheraw Natural Causes
Emanuel Courtney June 6, 1894 at Junsey Courtney Accident
Elsie Williams June 28, 1886 at Cheraw Accident
Elmer Brookfield March 17, 1936 at Cheraw Accident
Ellison Blakney October 4, 1896 at Hick's Mine Place Natural Causes
Elliott Pegues May 15, 1903 at Crusal branch trestle near Ruby Accident train
Elizabeth Knight June 27, 1885 at Joseph Knight's residence Accident
Elizabeth Hughes December 26, 1935 at McBee Accident automobile
Eliga Clark April 18, 1906 at Purvis Brige in Cheraw Town ship Accident
Edward Huntly December 31, 1907 [no location given] Accident
Edward Bownes April 30, 1874 at Cheraw, S. C. Natural Causes
Edmond Long October 2, 1892 at Cheraw Accident

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