Spartanburg County, SC

County Name: 
South Carolina

Spartanburg County, SC Inquests

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Name Deceased Description Date Inquest Location Death Type Death Methodsort ascending
Aaron Hughes October 15, 1865 at the residence of Aaron Hughes Homicide
Benjamin Clark April 22, 1872 at Benjamin Clark's Suicide
Spartin L. Gaddis August 30, 1876 near John O. [?] Accident
Mariah Pincy July 10, 1881 Natural Causes
Joshua Clark January 26, 1885 on a rode leading from B. B. Martin's to John Champions Natural Causes
John S. Collins May 29, 1870 at Mr. John S. Collin's residence Natural Causes
Rachail Langley December 30, 1878 in Spartanburg Co. Accident
infant April 21, 1869 Unknown
M. H. Miller April 10, 1889 at W. T. H. Miller's Natural Causes
infant May 7, 1887 near Pelham Unknown
infant September 19, 1833 at the home of William Griffin Homicide
Peter Moore July 3, 1880 at the residence of Mrs. Mary Dobson near Cedar Hill Natural Causes
Jerry slave July 15, 1832 at Spartanburgh Courthouse Suicide
Annie West March 4, 1871 at the late residence fo Rob't West Homicide
William Hutchins December 9, 1840 at Equilla Burns's[?] Accident
William Cockerham December 16, 1813 at the Widow Bea[?]'s Suicide
Ally Pollard February 5, 1868 on the farm of J.G. Mabury Accident
Edward Bridges March 19, 1881 Homicide
infant September 12, 1882 at Chester Scruggs well Homicide
James McCravy January 4, 1851 at the house of Amos Holmes Accident
Thomas Harrell January 19, 1838 near the Union line south of Tygar River Natural Causes
Rosa M. Smith October 11, 1877 at Spartanburg C.H., Spartanburg, S.C. Accident
Asa Lipscomb freedman December 24, 1866 at Mrs. Jinetta Shippy's Accident
Benjamin Freeman June 24, 1833 at the home of Isaac Hill Accident
Joseph Parham February 10, 1867 at an out house near Alexander Purcell's[?] Unknown
Lou Terry November 25, 1884 Natural Causes
Reuben Brewton January 3, 1880 near Switzer's Bridge Natural Causes
John T. Wood August 14, 1865 at the house of Dr. B.F. Kilgore Accident
Eddie Summer August 6, 1881 Accident
Pleasant T. Gossett November 18, 1870 Suicide
Isaac Greer December 29, 1879 at Vernonville Natural Causes
Tip Jackson November 29, 1885 near New Prospect Accident
S. F. White November 22, 1889 at or on General Bates Plantation Accident
Angus Jefferson Smith June 4, 1874 at Spartanburg Accident
Rebecca Hendrix June 11, 1834 at the house of Capt. Peter Hamilton Accident
Samuel Kelso December 21, 1817 at the plantation of Sam'l Kelso Natural Causes
Simon slave December 24, 1830 at the house of Mrs. Mary Moore Accident
infant September 20, 1857 at Jared[?] Arnold's Accident
Emma Alexander July 2, 1885 Natural Causes
London Byard October 8, 1870 at [?] Byers[?] Accident
Ben slave July 7, 1843 at a spring near the plantation fo said Farrow Unknown
infant March 16, 1883 at Martha J. Adkins Natural Causes
Maty slave December 10, 1833 at the dwelling house of Jesse Hammet Accident
William Gowan December 12, 1880 Homicide
Chanya slave December 31, 1849 at A.G.W. Gordon's Natural Causes
Alpha Wingo May 7, 1869 on North Pacolet River at Harry Wingo's Unknown
Sherman Bowden May 7, 1878 at Spartanburg Accident
Martha M. Kerr March 10, 1881 at the house of Edward L. Kerr Natural Causes
infant November 20, 1844 at the house of Henry Alley Unknown
colored colored May 9, 1872 at Ja's Turner's Accident

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