Laurens County, SC

County Name: 
South Carolina

Laurens County, SC Inquests

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Name Deceased Description Datesort ascending Inquest Location Death Type Death Method
Unknown Infant, supposed to be of Amanda Simpson Unknown Infant, supposed to be of Amanda Simpson December 1, 1846 at James Brewsters Homicide
Unknown Negro Woman near Swansey's Ferry Unknown Negro Woman near Swansey's Ferry May 25, 1845 near Swanseys Ferry Suicide
Edom March 6, 1845 at the house of James D. Thomason Suicide
Virgil November 17, 1844 in the woods near to George Blakely plantation Suicide
Samuel Kennedy June 8, 1842 at or near Laurens Court House Suicide
Elisa Wilson October 14, 1841 at Edward Wilson's Suicide
Drusilla Philips June 18, 1840 at Abram Philips Natural Causes
Isaac Whitworth March 8, 1840 at Isaac Whitworths Homicide stick
Abby February 28, 1840 at Thomas Carters Natural Causes
Samuel Ferguson Sr. July 21, 1839 at Samuel Fergusons Other
Elizabeth South June 23, 1839 at the dwelling House of William South Homicide
Elizabeth Brown May 2, 1839 at Daniel Browns House Suicide strychnine
Jesse Bell January 20, 1839 at the House of Mrs Elizabeth Ward Accident
Jenny Smith December 8, 1838 at the Dwelling House of John Smith Unknown
Larken Bramblett June 8, 1838 at the House of Newton Bramblett Homicide
George April 21, 1838 Unknown
Certain Mail Bastard Child Certain Mail Bastard Child January 16, 1838 at the house of Joseph McConathy Homicide
Dillard Higgins September 29, 1837 at the house of David Higgins Suicide
John Henry Hitch August 28, 1837 at the House of John Hitch Suicide
Micajah Crumpton August 15, 1837 at the House of Micajah Crumpton Suicide
Thomas Moore August 8, 1837 at Tumbling Shoals Accident
Robert Templeton May 5, 1837 at Benj Puckett's old place Homicide
Die December 23, 1836 at the corner of Mrs. Sarah Young's field Accident
Joseph Butler October 8, 1836 at John H. Byrds Homicide
Ned December 12, 1835 at Joel Dendys Accident
Thomas Anderson March 24, 1835 at Laurens Court House Accident
Peter October 25, 1834 at Robertson Osborns Suicide
Daniel October 8, 1834 at Maj. John Blacks Accident
Isabel Atkins August 11, 1834 on the Publick Road Between Rocky mt meeting house & John Williamsons Store Suicide
William Dillard November 28, 1833 at Pleasant Hill Church Homicide rock
Child of Mary Muree Child of Mary Muree October 8, 1833 at the meeting house nown by the name of Pleasant Hill Natural Causes
Monday May 9, 1833 at Mr. John Smiths Natural Causes
Maria Stephens April 9, 1833 at Robt. F Stephens Homicide
William Owens October 13, 1831 at the Machine house of Pressley Owens Suicide
Matildy Posey July 13, 1831 at Charles Poseys Suicide
Rody Kennedy November 30, 1830 at the house of Rody Kennedy Accident
James W. Craven October 12, 1830 at the Tumbling shoals Accident
Nancy September 20, 1830 at Banks creek Unknown
Jack February 12, 1830 at John McClintock's Accident
John Pope August 29, 1828 at the house of James Watson Accident
Edmond May 5, 1828 on the premises of David Higgins Accident
Mary Peck February 23, 1828 in the District aforesaid Suicide
John Meador January 18, 1828 at the house of Mrs Nancy Parks Suicide
Henry Reece November 9, 1827 at Peter G.? Suicide
John Harry February 2, 1827 at the House of John Harry Accident
Negro woman Negro woman March 6, 1826 Unknown
Ralph R. Deming April 16, 1825 Suicide
Haman Miller October 30, 1824 at Blacks Store Homicide
William Thompson October 15, 1824 at the House of Thomas Other
John Boyd November 26, 1822 at Samy Boyds Other

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