Kershaw County, SC

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South Carolina

Kershaw County, SC Inquests

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Name Deceased Description Date Inquest Location Death Type Death Methodsort descending
infant July 16, 1868 in the town of Camden, Camden, S.C. Homicide
Amos slave March 15, 1856 at the plantation of John McRae on the banks of the Wateree Suicide
Carey slave February 1, 1831 at the house of John Williams Accident
Milly Roler November 2, 1819 Natural Causes
John Goff April 4, 1843 at the house of Holly Goff Unknown
negro negro April 23, 1838 at the Camden Ferry Unknown
John McDonald April 15, 1839 at Daniel McDonalds Natural Causes
Pinder slave May 5, 1860 at Boykin's Mill Accident
Robert Anderson January 31, 1825 at the camp near the Wateree Canal Accident
James Goodson September 28, 1807 Natural Causes
Frank slave July 16, 1840 at the house of Charles M. Breaker Homicide
Amelia A. Alexander May 5, 1860 at Boykin's Mill Accident
Joseph B. Hughes August 6, 1869 at the late residence of Joseph B. Hughes in Flat Rock Township, Flat Rock, S.C. Accident
colored colored June 12, 1856 at a house on Rutledge Street in the town of Camden and occupied by one John Strickling Natural Causes
slave slave November 1, 1864 at the depot in Camden Unknown
negro negro April 16, 1838 at Thomas Whitaker's plantation Unknown
Willy Hall February 19, 1845 at Black River in the stage road Natural Causes
slave slave December 4, 1852 at the plantation known as Stockton's Accident
infant November 12, 1811 Other
infant April 14, 1869 at Capt. J.D. Jakell's plantation Homicide
John McDaniel May 31, 1839 at McCaskill's graveyard Natural Causes
Redding Summerville January 9, 1826 Unknown
Tom slave May 5, 1805 at plantation of John Chesnut, Esquire Accident
Benjamin Franklin Hocott May 5, 1860 at Boykin's Mill Accident
Summer slave November 7, 1864 at the plantation of Burwell Boykin Homicide
Fanny slave November 4, 1855 at the plantation of Edward A. Salmond about four miles from Camden Homicide
Alexander McKee January 4, 1817 in the woods near William Gardner's Accident
Ned slave April 22, 1843 at Chesnut's Ferry Unknown
negro negro March 26, 1838 at the Camden Ferry, Wateree River Unknown
infant June 8, 1828 house of Jessee Husk Accident
infant November 28, 1829 in Camden on the lot on which Mr. Thomas Welsh[?] resided Homicide
Angus McQueen January 17, 1816 at home of Kelly McDermit Accident
James C. Wise May 13, 1847 at Camden Accident
Daniel Gallis January 31, 1819 at house of Daniel Gillis Accident
Bethel Ogelsby August 21, 1823 cotton fields belonging to John Doby Esq. Unknown
negro negro March 19, 1838 at Ja's Chesnut's plantation Unknown
slave slave March 12, 1824 on the river bank at the plantation of Edward Brevard Accident boat
William I. Graham September 13, 1854 at the Camden Hotel kep by William M. Watson in the Town of Camden Homicide bowie knife
Paul Williams August 23, 1869 Homicide brick
Jake slave July 24, 1852 at the plantation of Mrs. Amelia Haile near the bridge crossing the Wateree River Homicide brick
Andrew Hunter August 26, 1827 Accident cart
slave slave June 5, 1805 in woods near Camden Suicide check string
George West August 26, 1855 at the plantation of William Jesse Taylor Accident elephant
George Watts December 2, 1811 Accident ferry
Somerset slave March 24, 1824 Accident horse
Nicholas Lowery December 28, 1820 on the Ridge Road near John Lowrey's Accident horse
Norman Cameron March 28, 1850 at Mr. John McGoogan's Accident horse
William Arledge December 1, 1813 near Sander's[?] Creek Accident horse
Thomas Robinson December 23, 1847 at the house of William Clyburn Accident horse
James Parker February 4, 1852 at James Parker's house Accident horse

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