Kershaw County, SC

County Name: 
South Carolina

Kershaw County, SC Inquests

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Name Deceased Description Date Inquest Location Death Type Death Methodsort descending
Muse slave September 18, 1831 at the resident of Roger Parish Accident
Richard Williams November 23, 1880 Unknown
J. F. Brewer September 16, 1841 at Camden Other
Dorcas Page May 5, 1860 at Boykin's Mill Accident
Mary Jenkins May 5, 1860 at Boykin's Mill Accident
negro negro March 19, 1838 at Ja's Chesnut's plantation Unknown
Caesar slave August 29, 1861 [at] S. D. Houg['s] Unknown
Friday slave September 10, 1840 at Thomas [?] plantation Unknown
Amanda Hogan May 11, 1898 at the late residence of Miss Amanda Hogan Natural Causes
Angus McQueen January 17, 1816 at home of Kelly McDermit Accident
slave slave January 25, 1836 at the plantation of Daniel L. Desaushore[?] Accident
Brice slave February 19, 1859 at the residence of Joseph Murphy Accident
Martha Adamson April 10, 1877 at Camden, Camden, S.C. Other
Marcus April 12, 1836 at Gibson's Neck on the Wateree River Homicide
Alice Robinson May 5, 1860 at Boykin's Mill Accident
Lucius LeGrand May 5, 1860 at Boykin's Mill Accident
William Applewhite January 22, 1838 at Camden Accident
infant March 29, 1842 at Tabitha Laird's Homicide
Adam slave August 22, 1828 at Camden Suicide
Tom slave October 25, 1859 at the residence of Joseph Murphy Accident
James Hall September 25, 1818 in town of Camden Natural Causes
John Cotton March 15, 1826 at the river bank in Mr. Jno. Nelson's field Accident
Unknown April 23, 1854 at a spot near Chesnut's field about four miles from Camden Unknown
Lydia Parish December 6, 1835 at the house of Mrs. L. Parrish on Rutledge Street in the town of Camden Natural Causes
Henry Purse September 23, 1838 at Camden, on the corner of Market & York Streets Homicide
James Graham June 8, 1858 at the place known as the public square in Logtown Accident
Louisa Nettles May 5, 1860 at Boykin's Mill Accident
John Oaks May 5, 1860 at Boykin's Mill Accident
negro negro April 5, 1838 at the Camden Ferry Unknown
John slave November 20, 1829 on the Bank of the Wateree River at the plantation of Col. James Shesnut Unknown
John McLeod August 23, 1822 at house of Widow McLeod in the fork of Lynches Creek Accident
Isaac slave February 2, 1829 Unknown
Stephen slave December 18, 1860 at Mr. M. Mungo Accident
Elizabeth Bowing May 30, 1831 at the residence of Mrs. Ann Bowing Homicide
Ann slave January 2, 1844 at Capt. B. Haile's plantation Homicide
Esther slave October 24, 1834 at Camden Unknown
William Pettifoot free black January 21, 1847 at Camden Accident
Warren slave July 13, 1859 at Camden at the residence of John Workman Homicide
Benjamin Dixon November 4, 1836 Other
Unknown December 13, 1846 at Hester Thomas in Market Street Unknown
Sarah Ann Howell May 5, 1860 at Boykin's Mill Accident
negro negro February 23, 1838 at Mrs. McRay's plantation Unknown
Sarah Langley October 27, 1803 Homicide
Micajah Hilliard November 28, 1829 in the house of Joseph Ward Homicide
S. G. W. Dill June 5, 1868 at the house of S.G.W. Dill Homicide
Jefferson slave July 27, 1840 at the plantation of H.R. Cook Accident
Avery slave November 14, 1831 at a fording place of Singleton's Creek in the plantation of Jacob Champion Accident
Bob slave December 26, 1845 at the residence Mr. Parks Accident
Kate slave December 5, 1847 at the house of Mrs. Jane Love Accident
J. J. Watts April 17, 1848 at the house of J.J. Watts Accident

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