Greenville County, SC

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South Carolina

Greenville County, SC Inquests

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Name Deceased Description Date Inquest Location Death Type Death Methodsort descending
Sebron Machan November 27, 1878 at James A [?] Accident
Robert Williams November 4, 1881 at Wilson's Bridge Homicide
Maria Seawright grandma January 11, 1882 at the farm of A. W. McDavids Natural Causes
Dick Keith January 6, 1877 at George Lound's Accident
Lansford Mosley June 19, 1879 at Greenville Natural Causes
John Pike November 15, 1856 at William Pike's Accident
Rinna Trammell March 24, 1880 at Massena Pruitt's Unknown
George slave June 24, 1857 at W.B. family[?] plantation Natural Causes
Milton Ponder January 19, 1867 at Milton Ponder's Natural Causes
Elijah Pike December 28, 1856 at the residence of Elijah Pike Other
Dolly Young child March 12, 1879 at Greenville Accident
M. M. Oneall December 1, 1870 at the residence of Elias E. Roberts Natural Causes
James Duckett November 9, 1859 at James Sutton's Homicide
App Chapman July 31, 1883 at the residence of J. D.[?] Chastern[?] Accident
John Shockley July 27, 1865 at John Shockley's Accident
Humphrey Wilson August 26, 1882 at the residence of Humphrey Wilsons Natural Causes
Joe negro man, boy March 5, 1865 Homicide
Tench Henson June 8, 1868 at Josepth Moor's Natural Causes
Abram McJunkin March 14, 1867 at the [??] Accident
George Franklin of color December 4, 1866 at Hush[?] Creek Homicide
William Cooper September 22, 1882 at Greenville Natural Causes
John Groce June 12, 1876 at John Groce's Accident
Elizabeth Cook May 27, 1881 at Greenville Natural Causes
John Pinson September 2, 1858 at [?] Pinson residence Accident
Jane Ashmore child April 3, 1880 at Greenville Natural Causes
George freedmen October 25, 1865 at John H. Campbell's Homicide
Bill slave September 30, 1860 Unknown
Thomas Wynn October 31, 1868 at William Bousar's Natural Causes
Jacob Pruitt March 15, 1878 at the residence of the late Jacob Pruitts Suicide
William Smith infant January 20, 1869 at Stephen C. Smith residence Natural Causes
Zilpha Fisher July 19, 1882 at Greenville CH Accident
Catharine Rodgers child September 30, 1879 at Greenville Natural Causes
John Goodlett December 28, 1880 at Greenville CH Homicide
William Johnson July 31, 1866 at David Gunter's Accident
Pressly Foster boy August 1, 1882 at Mr. Wm G[?] Accident
Caroline Batson freed woman November 21, 1866 at Reedy River Church Natural Causes
Howard Birdsong August 4, 1863 at Greenville Suicide
James Edwards little boy January 14, 1876 at Enoree Church Accident
Rufus Springs April 20, 1878 at Greenville Homicide
Elkanon Wells July 20, 1854 taken in Greenville Dist Suicide
Robert Butler boy July 12, 1868 at Robert Butler's Accident
Van Hendrix February 14, 1877 at John Garmany's Homicide
Walter Pegg January 12, 1879 at Greenville Suicide
Unknown January 27, 1862 Unknown
infant female child infant female child March 31, 1857 at Turner Duncan's Homicide
female child female child May 19, 1879 at Greenville Accident
infant child infant child February 28, 1877 at Greenville CH Natural Causes
Eva Lyons February 9, 1880 at Greenville Natural Causes
John Moore November 19, 1880 Homicide
infant male child infant male child March 27, 1879 at Greenville Homicide

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