Spartanburg County, SC

County Name: 
South Carolina

Spartanburg County, SC Inquests

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Namesort descending Deceased Description Date Inquest Location Death Type Death Method
Jerry slave July 15, 1832 at Spartanburgh Courthouse Suicide
Jesse Wood April 13, 1829 Unknown
Joel W. Miller February 2, 1874 at Gen'l J.W. Miller's Suicide pistol
John Anderson November 18, 1889 at Jonesville School house (col.) Unknown
John Baswell February 16, 1860 at the plantation of Abner McVay Accident
John Covington October 26, 1849 at the house of John Covington Unknown
John Flommett March 22, 1841 at John Hammett's Suicide
John H. Kelley December 21, 1882 on the [?] Road near the city of Spartanburg Homicide knife
John Hinson July 20, 1882 Accident
John Inlow October 1, 1852 at Hill's Factory Homicide stick
John Jones December 16, 1817 at John Jones's Natural Causes
John L. Thorton Smith June 4, 1874 at Spartanburg Accident
John Love June 24, 1832 Other
John Nesbitt March 27, 1821 at Benj. Wofford, Esquire's Accident
John R. Edwards March 24, 1858 Accident
John S. Collins May 29, 1870 at Mr. John S. Collin's residence Natural Causes
John Soseby December 22, 1857 by the side of the road near Lawson's fork Other
John Stafford December 16, 1831 Accident
John T. Wood August 14, 1865 at the house of Dr. B.F. Kilgore Accident
John Webster November 21, 1885 at Gaffney City Suicide pistol
John Westmorland August 1, 1847 at James Hopkins's Unknown
Johnathon Crow August 25, 1840 over Johnathon Crow at his own residence Natural Causes
Joseph Davis September 9, 1820 at the house of George Miller Unknown
Joseph Page March 18, 1846 at James Page's Suicide rope
Joseph Parham February 10, 1867 at an out house near Alexander Purcell's[?] Unknown
Joshua Clark January 26, 1885 on a rode leading from B. B. Martin's to John Champions Natural Causes
Judy Cook August 9, 1861 at or near the residence of Mary Ann Cook Suicide hank of yarn
Julia Rice June 27, 1887 at Clough Rice's Natural Causes
Julius Metskie June 27, 1887 at Valley Falls Homicide
Justin Turner April 9, 1868 Accident
Kent slave January 12, 1845 at the house of David Maberry Natural Causes
Kinley Green February 2, 1878 at Gaffney City Accident train
Laban Johnson May 15, 1889 at Clifton Natural Causes
Landrum Hopper August 17, 1882 at Truman S. Webber's Accident lightning
Leander Pack August 14, 1883 at the residence of Elias Atkins Accident
Leanora M. Cannon February 25, 1879 Natural Causes
Lewis slave March 27, 1865 at or near the residence of [?] Gossett Homicide
Lewis Denham December 6, 1883 Natural Causes
Lewis Jackson July 23, 1889 at Squire Jackson's Accident
Lewis Littlejohn May 12, 1881 Accident train
Liberty slave August 1, 1843 at John Murph's Natural Causes
Lodrick Dobson February 18, 1836 at the dwelling house of John Sarratt Accident
London Byard October 8, 1870 at [?] Byers[?] Accident
Lou Terry November 25, 1884 Natural Causes
Lucy Gray December 27, 1867 in the house of John Brown Suicide
M. A. Lipscomb March 11, 1880 at late residence of David Lipscomb Accident
M. E. Mason June 16, 1880 at Cowpens Accident train
M. H. Miller April 10, 1889 at W. T. H. Miller's Natural Causes
M. N. Chapman February 20, 1840 at or near Mt. Zion Accident
Maggie Brown September 8, 1885 at Mr. Louis Johnson's Accident

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