Union County, SC

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South Carolina

Union County, SC Inquests

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Name Deceased Description Date Inquest Location Death Type Death Method
George Darby April 20, 1823 at Lores-ford on broad River Accident alcohol, drowning
George Prisock June 11, 1840 at E. P. Porters Homicide hoe
Gilderoy Chandler January 27, 1837 at the House of John [?]
Gregory infant child January 28, 1861 at the House of Starkes Gregory farmer
Griffin Infant Childe December 26, 1860 at Andy [?] Accident suffocation
H. C. Rice December 29, 1859 at the house of HC Rice Suicide gun
Hanah infant Child November 2, 1861 at Cooperville Accident suffocation
Hancock Porter May 29, 1852 at Hancock Porters Suicide gun
Hannah negro woman April 15, 1860 at Smith Cooks Natural Causes
Harcolas slave, negro man November 18, 1842 at an old house Standing in the plantation of Mrs. Susannah Turners Natural Causes age
Harris Hotchkiss March 12, 1821 at Thomas Hugh's Accident drowning
Henry slave June 7, 1834 at the House of John McBeth Accident drowning
Henry male infant slave November 23, 1860 at Berry Shells House Accident suffocation
Henry negro boy Slave September 17, 1829 at John Gayes[?] Accident hanging
Henry Coil man supposed to be Henry Coil December 25, 1824 at the premises of [??] Accident exposure
Henry Gibson November 4, 1834 at Abner Benson dweling Accident drowning
Henry Long January 7, 1834 Homicide gun
Henry Woolbright October 26, 1843 at Wm. C. Brown's near Howell's Ferry Homicide blunt instrument
Howel slave at the house of [?] Polk[?] Homicide blunt instrument
infant infant December 13, 1851 at A. J. Gregorys Accident suffocation
infant Child infant Child August 22, 1842 at or near Mrs Marium Kershaw plantation Infanticide
infant child infant child August 9, 1837 on the plantation of Mr. Austin Wilson Natural Causes
infant negro child infant negro child October 18, 1845 at the plantation of John Gregory Accident suffocation
infant slave infant slave September 28, 1853 at the house of James R. Jeter Accident
infant slave infant slave December 30, 1857 at Isaac Gregorys house Accident suffocation
J. Edward Sims March 2, 1855 at the house of Doct. James Gages Homicide gun
J. M. Scott free man of Coller June 12, 1861 at Tho Bishops hous Suicide fall, mental illness
Jake slave November 10, 1855 at William Brownings old field unknown disease, exposure
James infant October 31, 1855 on Col Tho. Dawkins[?] Plantation in his field unknown
James slave December 4, 1843 at J. C. Jeter's graveyard Accident exposure
James Adis June 13, 1818 Accident drowning
James Baldwin infant June 8, 1825 at William Dilliard's plantation Accident suffocation
James Busby June 21, 1860 at J[?]essey L. J[?]eter Homicide gun
James Comer November 28, 1817 Suicide gun
James Harmon March 4, 1841 near[?] Nichara[?] Gordon's Natural Causes
James Johnson at James Johnson's farm Natural Causes
James Keenan February 21, 1865 at Union Court House Homicide gun
James Kirkpatrick November 24, 1846 at Union CourtHouse in James C Kitchens Hotel Accident alcohol
James Lee April 7, 1834 at Amos Lee's Natural Causes
James McCannon May 1, 1821 at Joseph Hughes Accident drowning
James Petty June 19, 1825 at an out House of the plantation of John Norman Accident alcohol
James Robison December 17, 1820 at the hous of John Birds Accident alcohol
Jane infant negro December 31, 1840 at E. M. Gregory's Accident suffocation
Jane slave April 16, 1849 at John J. E. Gregory's Accident suffocation
Jane Burden May 10, 1833 at Selby Rogers grave yard
Jane Wisher September 30, 1848 at the residence of Mrs. Jane Wisher Natural Causes
Jean Young December 6, 1816 Accident wagon
Jim slave October 4, 1858 at Giles Sharps Natural Causes
Jim slave July 15, 1831 Suicide hanging
John Crosley January 11, 1838 at of John W Sartor[?]

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