Union County, SC

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South Carolina

Union County, SC Inquests

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Name Deceased Description Date Inquest Location Death Type Death Methodsort descending
Jane Wisher September 30, 1848 at the residence of Mrs. Jane Wisher Natural Causes
Negro child Negro child September 29, 1835 at Robt Beety[?] Natural Causes
Elizabeth Mitchel October 12, 1845 at the dwelling house of David Mitchel Natural Causes
Fany female slave June 11, 1855 at Mrs Jane Clowneys Accident
Cole white infant November 18, 1827 near the house of William Cole Infanticide
Peter negro man May 5, 1835 On the plantation of Jim[?] Rochester Natural Causes
David Wilson
Samuel Mitchell April 10, 1837 on the plantation of Robert Glen Natural Causes
Nance infant child April 24, 1832 at the house of Benjamin Landrum Natural Causes
Peter Male Slave December 22, 1851 at John Gibbes unknown
Abraham Ison July 17, 1855 at Abraham Ison's House
James Harmon March 4, 1841 near[?] Nichara[?] Gordon's Natural Causes
John Uriah Bedenbaugh September 17, 1835 on the plantation of Thomas Satten Natural Causes
negro child a slave negro child a slave January 27, 1835 on the plantation of T Hooker Natural Causes
Emaline slave April 4, 1862 at R. G. H. Faws[?] Natural Causes
Amos Lee July 10, 1852 at Amos Lee's Natural Causes
William Fisher September 12, 1855 at the home of Sarah Vanderford Natural Causes
child child
Nathan Hawkins August 16, 1832 at House of Nathan Hawkins Natural Causes
James Lee April 7, 1834 at Amos Lee's Natural Causes
Betsey Smith at the Dweling hous of Miles[?] [?]
John Crosley January 11, 1838 at of John W Sartor[?]
Miles Hart
Hannah negro woman April 15, 1860 at Smith Cooks Natural Causes
negro child negro child July 13, 1835 at the house or on the plantation of Charles Humphries Natural Causes
Jane Burden May 10, 1833 at Selby Rogers grave yard
Major negro man the property of no person July 29, 1845 at the plantation of Miss M. J. Rogers Natural Causes
Levy negro man slave January 9, 1849 at Austin Wilson's Natural Causes
Benjamin Bishop November 26, 1840 taken one mile and a half south of the [?] on the main road leading to Jones' ford on Enoree[?] river Natural Causes
Dick slave March 19, 1837 at the house of Edward Gregory Natural Causes
Carles Ford March 12, 1821 at Thomas Hay[?] Accident
Thomas Henry at the Dweling Hous of Samuel
Dinah slave January 25, 1859 at the late residence of John Gregory deseast Natural Causes
negro child negro child January 16, 1854 at [???] Natural Causes
Gregory infant child January 28, 1861 at the House of Starkes Gregory farmer
John Gregory September 3, 1862 at John Gregory Natural Causes
Gilderoy Chandler January 27, 1837 at the House of John [?]
Peter slave February 16, 1865 at the Corman Gaal[?] unknown
Charles negro man May 2, 1847 at J Greens
George Negro Slave April 19, 1830 at the house of Reps Edwards Natural Causes
William Thompson May 5, 1835 at the house of Mrs Rochester
Jim slave October 4, 1858 at Giles Sharps Natural Causes
Abner Nelson December 31, 1849 at the House of abner nelson Natural Causes
James Johnson at James Johnson's farm Natural Causes
negro woman negro woman March 26, 1840 at John Garrotts Homicide
infant child infant child August 9, 1837 on the plantation of Mr. Austin Wilson Natural Causes
James infant October 31, 1855 on Col Tho. Dawkins[?] Plantation in his field unknown
white infant child, boy white infant child, boy March 24, 1858 at John Thomas Boat Landing Homicide
negro child negro child November 1, 1837 at Union C.H. Natural Causes
Clara slave February 18, 1861 at Thos Bayds[?] Natural Causes

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