Spartanburg County, SC

County Name: 
South Carolina

Spartanburg County, SC Inquests

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Name Deceased Description Date Inquest Location Death Typesort descending Death Method
Jacob Briges September 18, 1832 at the house of Jacob Briges Natural Causes
Hezehiah Gulledge January 14, 1889 at Clifton Natural Causes
John Jones December 16, 1817 at John Jones's Natural Causes
Elijah M. Cooper August 25, 1877 at the residence of Elijah M. Cooper Natural Causes
Amanda Lester December 13, 1884 near Pelham Natural Causes
infant March 16, 1883 at Martha J. Adkins Natural Causes
Thomas Harrell January 19, 1838 near the Union line south of Tygar River Natural Causes
twin infants September 15, 1889 at Rosa Foster's Natural Causes
infant September 30, 1884 at the residence of W. A. Reed Natural Causes
Liberty slave August 1, 1843 at John Murph's Natural Causes
Polly Evins August 18, 1886 at Joe Waters Natural Causes
Nicholas Gibson June 26, 1884 at the residence of Nicholas Gibson Natural Causes
Betsy Pilgram July 2, 1882 at Woodruff Natural Causes
Harriet Hill May 27, 1884 Natural Causes
Nelly Grazier July 8, 1888 at Enora Natural Causes
James Robertson September 13, 1885 at Calvin Brewton's Natural Causes
Margret Branan December 15, 1889 at or on Mrs. Alice Taylor's place Natural Causes
Nancy Montjoy October 13, 1889 Natural Causes
Nesbitt Rice April 21, 1886 at Poplar Springs Natural Causes
Sallie McDowell August 12, 1882 Natural Causes
Daniel W. Willis September 27, 1887 at the residence of the deceased Daniel Willis Natural Causes
Julia Rice June 27, 1887 at Clough Rice's Natural Causes
Edmund Chambers November 18, 1819 at the house of Edmund Chambers Natural Causes
Benjamin Wood May 8, 1829 at the house of Benjamin Wood Natural Causes
Henry Rush June 22, 1875 Natural Causes
Alex Black October 27, 1884 at Philadelphia in Spartanburg County Natural Causes
T. G. Cooper June 5, 1886 at the late residence of T. G. Cooper Natural Causes
Isaac Greer December 29, 1879 at Vernonville Natural Causes
Lou Terry November 25, 1884 Natural Causes
D. Searey November 17, 1882 near Martinsville Natural Causes
Reuben Johnson March 11, 1881 Natural Causes
Thomas Linder November 2, 1842 at Spartanburgh Court House Homicide pocket knife
infant March 16, 1870 at Isaac Young's on Pacolet River Homicide
Peter slave March 31, 1848 at or near Calum Foster's[?] Homicide rifle
negro negro February 27, 1868 at or near Pacolet Springs Homicide
William Mauldin September 15, 1867 at Emoree Factory Homicide rock
John H. Kelley December 21, 1882 on the [?] Road near the city of Spartanburg Homicide knife
Annie West March 4, 1871 at the late residence fo Rob't West Homicide
infant March 6, 1884 in the City of Spartanburg Homicide
William Stone November 1, 1809 at James Arnold's Homicide pine stick
William Brotton October 1, 1820 at the house of Ely Vice Homicide
Mary Lipscomb May 3, 1889 at Cowpens Homicide
Allen slave September 19, 1843 at Samson Bobo's Homicide hickory clubs
Edom slave November 7, 1832 Homicide whip
Rufus Yarbrough March 17, 1872 at the residence of John Davis Esqr. Homicide pole axe
James M. D'young February 16, 1879 at John J. Moore's Homicide
Coleman slave September 30, 1849 at the house of A.M. Smith Homicide large stick
Wilson Sosbee June 19, 1845 near G.B. Bishop's Homicide
Edward Bridges March 19, 1881 Homicide
Julius Metskie June 27, 1887 at Valley Falls Homicide

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