Laurens County, SC

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South Carolina

Laurens County, SC Inquests

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Name Deceased Description Datesort ascending Inquest Location Death Type Death Method
Bart October 30, 1822 Unknown
George October 9, 1822 at John Williams Suicide
Harry May 13, 1822 at Alexander Wilkinsons Homicide
Ashford D. Clary March 17, 1822 near David Graham's Accident
Daniel Williams January 3, 1822 at Mrs. Mary Williams Suicide
Sambo August 1, 1821 at the house of Stephen Garretts Suicide
Phil July 29, 1821 at Laurens Court House Suicide
Infant child of Susanah Finny Infant child of Susanah Finny June 8, 1821 at the House of Mary Holland Homicide
John Johnson May 15, 1820 at the house of John Johnston Other
Samuel Whillow December 17, 1818 Accident
John South September 30, 1818 at Allen Clarks Homicide stone
Dick August 13, 1818 on the plantation of John Boyd Natural Causes
Charles Hobbs October 1, 1817 on the highway near John Blacks Accident
John Wilson July 26, 1817 at Laurens Court House Homicide stake
Answorth Middleton December 3, 1816 at James Boyds Natural Causes
Daniel September 17, 1816 at Reuben Meadows Natural Causes
Quash May 11, 1815 at the House Genl. John. Y. Wolff Natural Causes
Mat April 13, 1815 on Hugh Mahoffeys Plantation Suicide
George February 6, 1815 at the plantation of Daniel Brag Accident
Daniel Bragg February 6, 1815 at the plantation of Daniel Brag Accident
Saul Bates January 24, 1815 at James Johnsons mill Natural Causes
Henry Castleberry January 7, 1815 at the house of James Hannah Accident
George Huggins November 30, 1814 at John Pitts Homicide axe
Reuben Ligon June 23, 1814 at Reuben Ligons Suicide
John Johnson March 2, 1814 at the plantation of John Mitchel Accident
Tom December 12, 1813 at Col. Starling Tucker's Suicide
William Washington August 11, 1813 at William Washingtons Suicide
William Leak October 11, 1812 at Brant Leaks Homicide knife
Jerry July 11, 1811 at the plantation of James Glen Natural Causes
Thomas Milane March 7, 1811 near Laurens Court House Accident
Jack April 6, 1810 at Thomas McCreary's Suicide
John Simmons March 21, 1810 at John Simmons Homicide rifle
Tower December 27, 1809 at Benjamin Strange's Natural Causes
Infant Child Infant Child July 27, 1809 at the house of John Brysons Homicide
Jarrett February 9, 1809 at the House of James Loughridge Homicide hoe
Male Child Male Child January 30, 1809 at David Cowens Homicide
John Rea November 21, 1808 at John Lukes Other
Littleberry Sullivan July 28, 1808 Homicide
Negro Man Negro Man June 20, 1808 Near Laurens Court house Suicide
Jerry May 16, 1808 at the Mill House of Henry Brockman Accident
James Crooks March 29, 1807 at little River Near Laurens Court house Accident
African Negroe Man African Negroe Man January 20, 1807 at the Common Gaol Accident
Sarah Robison June 30, 1806 at Abraham Maddens Mill Accident
John Dedman March 15, 1806 at Mr Jno Kings Accident
William McDonald December 25, 1803 in the District aforesaid Accident
Alexander Calder May 15, 1803 at Calder's house Suicide
George Williams August 23, 1802 at Jeremiah Conants Accident
Bob Davis Unknown
Fanny Sullivan at JS Martins Natural Causes
Lewis Bradley Accident

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