Union County, SC

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South Carolina

Union County, SC Inquests

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Namesort descending Deceased Description Date Inquest Location Death Type Death Method
negro child a slave negro child a slave January 27, 1835 on the plantation of T Hooker Natural Causes
negro man negro man August 7, 1853 at or near Wm [?] old Mill Accident
negro woman negro woman March 26, 1840 at John Garrotts Homicide
Nelson slave March 4, 1846 at a plantation of Col Wm H Gist Unknown
Nicy female slave October 8, 1859 at Philip Downs[?] Hous Accident train
Oliver Neely March 5, 1821 at Thomas Hughs Senors[?] Accident boat
Patrick Keenan June 18, 1869 at Union Court House Natural Causes
Patrick Williams August 23, 1842 at the house of patrick Williams decsd Accident
Peter negro man May 5, 1835 On the plantation of Jim[?] Rochester Natural Causes
Peter Male Slave December 22, 1851 at John Gibbes Unknown
Peter slave November 23, 1862 at Mrs Colemans Accident
Peter slave February 16, 1865 at the Corman Gaal[?] Unknown
Priscilla Clark March 28, 1837 at the house of Jesse Clark Natural Causes
Pulaskey slave, boy March 30, 1848 at the plantation of J. F> Hill Natural Causes
Rachel slave November 2, 1838 at the House of Samuel L Martin Homicide ax
Roanoake slave April 3, 1861 at James R Jeters Accident lightning
Ryefield boy October 24, 1846 near the Island Ford on Broad River Accident
Sally slave December 15, 1850 at Gerrymiah Gregorys Accident
Samuel Culbertson July 1, 1838 at the house of Samuel Colbertson Accident
Samuel M. McJunkin Capt June 1, 1815 Homicide
Samuel Mitchell April 10, 1837 on the plantation of Robert Glen Natural Causes
Sarah slave December 31, 1855 at or near Thomas Fowlers House Suicide rope
Sarah Hardy free girl of color October 4, 1865 at William Page's Homicide
Sax slave, boy March 11, 1865 at UnionVille Homicide
Sharp infant male child June 5, 1861 at Wm Bovels[?] Natural Causes
Siller female slave November 12, 1842 at an oald wast house in the plantation of Mrs Susannah Turners Accident
slave child slave child December 31, 1846 at the plantation of Nathan Hawkins Accident
Starkes Whitlock February 16, 1853 at J P Poters Accident
Starling Kingsland single man November 15, 1810 Accident horse
Susannah Nuton May 28, 1828 at the premises of Robert[?] Watkins Suicide
Thomas Henry October 20, 1817 at the Dweling Hous of Samuel Accident
Thomas Hill May 26, 1825 at Thos Hill's Suicide
Thomas R. Sparks January 1, 1851 at George Greghams Other
Thompson slave April 1, 1863 at Thomas Spencers Homicide axe
Tom slave, boy February 5, 1861 brawd River Makes[?] Mill Accident boat
two negro children two negro children June 4, 1824 at Ellis Palmers Homicide
Unknown June 25, 1823 at the Dwelling house of Saml J. Hocy[?] Unknown
Unknown March 3, 1818 near the dweling house of Richard Dumpkins Unknown
unknown negro unknown negro May 15, 1837 at the plantation of A. Murphy or Joseph Prins[?] Accident
Venus female slave November 9, 1848 at John Harrises Natural Causes
W. J. Summers youth August 18, 1843 at Goshen[?] Hill Accident mule
Washington negro man February 1, 1857 at Pullok[?] Accident
white infant child, boy white infant child, boy March 24, 1858 at John Thomas Boat Landing Homicide
William male slave, boy March 12, 1857 at Doct Milton [?] Homicide
William negro January 13, 1847 at Robert Smiths Suicide
William Bently March 21, 1851 at Wm Bently's Accident
William Bradley December 29, 1841 at Elizabeth Eubank's Accident
William Butler stage driver August 2, 1842 at the house of Joseph Hughes Accident horse
William Clifton March 4, 1838 at the house of the Deceasd of Will Clifton Accident horse
William Ewbanks October 30, 1841 at the house of Elizerbeth Ewbankses Suicide

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