Spartanburg County, SC

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South Carolina

Spartanburg County, SC Inquests

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Namesort ascending Deceased Description Date Inquest Location Death Type Death Method
Wyatt Harris April 22, 1887 at Limestone Springs Accident
Woodward King July 16, 1820 at Capt. Boles[?] Hamilton's Accident
Woodward June 9, 1879 on the road leading from Dantzler's Bridge on South Tyger River via G. W. Duncan's and R. T. McElvath's to Reidville Homicide
Wilson Sosbee June 19, 1845 near G.B. Bishop's Homicide
Wilson Harris February 12, 1876 at Gaffney City Accident horse
Willis slave October 5, 1847 at James Burnett's Homicide rock
Willie Thackston June 26, 1882 Accident mule
Willie Sizemore August 7, 1882 Accident
Willie Senteel August 9, 1885 at Clifton Accident
William Stone November 1, 1809 at James Arnold's Homicide pine stick
William Rose July 11, 1877 at Welford in Spartanburg Accident train
William Rogers March 16, 1889 at Clifton Accident train
William Potter February 14, 1875 in Spartanburg County, Cherokee Township Accident
William McAbee April 8, 1885 Accident
William Mauldin September 15, 1867 at Emoree Factory Homicide rock
William Lindsey January 10, 1840 at Isaac Lindsey's Accident horse
William Hutchins December 9, 1840 at Equilla Burns's[?] Accident
William H. Lancaster September 19, 1883 at the residence of Jas. Giddes Natural Causes
William Gowan December 12, 1880 Homicide
William Godfrey October 19, 1873 near Leaterwood's Mills Accident
William Gaston April 30, 1837 at the house of James N. Gaston Accident
William Foster December 20, 1845 at Bishop's old field Accident
William Davis January 16, 1841 at or near the residence of Alex. McMakin Accident
William Cockerham December 16, 1813 at the Widow Bea[?]'s Suicide
William Byers December 30, 1837 at William Z. Ford's blacksmith's shop Homicide large knife
William Brotton October 1, 1820 at the house of Ely Vice Homicide
William Brice July 11, 1830 at the house of Jesse Wakefield Accident lightning
William Boken April 17, 1841 at Flint Mill Accident horse
William Blanton January 14, 1884 at the house of Langdon Blanton Natural Causes
William Belott February 8, 1867 near the house of Wm. Hunter Unknown
William Belcher December 2, 1888 at or near Duncans Suicide
William Abernathy July 12, 1855 Suicide rope
William Abbott September 26, 1880 on the A&C Air Line R.R. Accident train
Will Smith December 9, 1882 at Reidville, Reidville, S.C. Accident
Wesley McCombs July 11, 1858 at Martin M. Comb's Suicide rifle
Watson Jackson June 5, 1880 at Jackson Grove Church Natural Causes
W. C. Benson October 25, 1889 at the police station in Spartanburg City Homicide
Violet Gray February 25, 1877 at the house of Violet Gray Accident
Viney Miller November 23, 1874 at the house of Daniel Swinney Unknown
twin infants September 15, 1889 at Rosa Foster's Natural Causes
Toney Clawson February 16, 1873 at Spartanburg Accident
Tip Jackson November 29, 1885 near New Prospect Accident
Thomas Smith January 16, 1838 at George Born's[?] Homicide knife
Thomas Richards July 31, 1888 at the Air Line Railroad Bridge on Broad River Accident train
Thomas Phearby September 1, 1882 on the Mill's Gap Road Homicide pistol
Thomas P. Benson October 10, 1880 Unknown
Thomas Linder November 2, 1842 at Spartanburgh Court House Homicide pocket knife
Thomas Harrell January 19, 1838 near the Union line south of Tygar River Natural Causes
Thomas Davis March 30, 1884 at John Davis Accident
Thomas Bryant August 16, 1887 at Rich Hill Accident train

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