Robert Hawthorn

First Name: Robert
Last Name: Hawthorn

Robert Hawthorn Inquests

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Name Deceased Description Date Inquest Location County Death Type Death Method Inquest Finding
Green Kerley December 31, 1869 at Winnsboro Fairfield County, SC Accident

We find that the said Green Kerley came to his death by a fall from a third story window in the Hotel to the pavemen, while laboring under a fit of delerum [?].

Hary January 10, 1857 at Winnsboro Fairfield County, SC Accident wagon

upon their oaths do say Hary was helping lead a waggon with Cotton and the boy fell from the waggon[.] he was taken to[?] a[?] house[?] not[?] fifty yards before he died but was dead in a few minutes

Hester Mobley June 27, 1868 at David Gladney's Fairfield County, SC Natural Causes

upon their oaths do say . . . that from the testimony the Said Hester Mobley came to her death by the desease, She was Suffering from, The disease of the Heart.

James G. Brice October 20, 1864 at the house of James G. Brice Fairfield County, SC Suicide

upon their Oaths do Say. That James G. Brice, in manner and form afforesaid, then and there, voluntarily, and feloniously, himself did Kill

Sally Shedd February 19, 1867 at the plantation of James Coleman Fairfield County, SC Accident

the Jury after hearing the evidence in the cause of the death of Sally Shed and examined the dead Body. Come to the conclusion that the Said Sally came to her death by the discharge of a gun in the hands of the Girl Rachel, by accident.

Tucker R. Clarke November 23, 1858 in Winnsboro Fairfield County, SC Unknown

Tucker R. Clarke came to his death from Causes unknown

Unknown July 27, 1864 in and Old garden where Mrs Hariett[?] lived Fairfield County, SC Unknown

The Jury after making an investigation, with out any Evidence come to the conclusion that the said death of said infant was from causes unknown to the Jurors

Unknown May 2, 1862 at the house of Washington Hathcock Fairfield County, SC Homicide

upon examination of the Infant found its Skull Broken and other Marks of violence, Sufficient to cause death

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