Spartanburg County, SC

County Name: 
South Carolina

Spartanburg County, SC Inquests

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Name Deceased Description Datesort ascending Inquest Location Death Type Death Method
James M. Rhodes August 27, 1862 at the residence of James M. Rhodes Homicide
Judy Cook August 9, 1861 at or near the residence of Mary Ann Cook Suicide hank of yarn
infant November 29, 1860 Accident
John Baswell February 16, 1860 at the plantation of Abner McVay Accident
R. W. Foster September 26, 1859 at the mill pond near Holly Spring Suicide
Jane Soseby January 2, 1859 at or near John Soseby's residence Suicide rope
Columbus Dempsey August 2, 1858 at the parish Unknown
Wesley McCombs July 11, 1858 at Martin M. Comb's Suicide rifle
John R. Edwards March 24, 1858 Accident
Patsy Cleary December 30, 1857 at the house of Lewis [?] Suicide hank of cotton
John Soseby December 22, 1857 by the side of the road near Lawson's fork Other
George Pye December 13, 1857 Homicide
Dorcas Crossly December 4, 1857 at the house of John Wofford Accident
infant November 13, 1857 at Asail Littlefield's Unknown
Nancy slave November 11, 1857 Unknown
Mary George November 1, 1857 at the late residence of Mary George Unknown
infant September 20, 1857 at Jared[?] Arnold's Accident
Simon West March 25, 1857 near the house of dec'd Natural Causes
Rebecca Crow February 27, 1857 on the Howard Gap Road one & a half miles from Spartanburgh, SC Unknown
Dorcas Henderson November 11, 1855 at Jackson Henderson's Homicide
William Abernathy July 12, 1855 Suicide rope
Holman Smith May 28, 1855 at the late residence of Holman Smith Homicide ax
Obediah Martin July 21, 1853 in the road near Hugh Caldwell's Accident wagon
Rowland Cash March 11, 1853 at the residence of Ephraim Jackson Accident
Henry Heavener March 5, 1853 at Thomas Lynch's Homicide axe
Adam Hempley February 1, 1853 near Wilson Wingo's Accident
John Inlow October 1, 1852 at Hill's Factory Homicide stick
James McCravy January 4, 1851 at the house of Amos Holmes Accident
Moses free person of color December 8, 1850 at the house of Robert McCurley[?] Unknown
Bob slave November 19, 1850 at the residence of Capt. R. Smith Suicide rope
Eli Givings July 15, 1850 at the late residence of Eli Givings Suicide rope
Sarah Ray May 3, 1850 at William P. Ray's Suicide case knife
Peter C. Oclan January 7, 1850 at C. Burch's Natural Causes
Chanya slave December 31, 1849 at A.G.W. Gordon's Natural Causes
John Covington October 26, 1849 at the house of John Covington Unknown
Coleman slave September 30, 1849 at the house of A.M. Smith Homicide large stick
Sarah Shacleford September 3, 1849 at the house of Richard Shacleford Suicide handkerchief
Bill slave May 14, 1848 at John H. Wofford's Suicide hickory bark
Peter slave March 31, 1848 at or near Calum Foster's[?] Homicide rifle
Willis slave October 5, 1847 at James Burnett's Homicide rock
John Westmorland August 1, 1847 at James Hopkins's Unknown
Nancy Smith February 10, 1847 at the resident of Elijah Smith Accident lightning
Joseph Page March 18, 1846 at James Page's Suicide rope
William Foster December 20, 1845 at Bishop's old field Accident
Wilson Sosbee June 19, 1845 near G.B. Bishop's Homicide
James Cook June 3, 1845 in the old field near the still house of James Cook Natural Causes
Dick slave May 25, 1845 at the plantation of Margaret Montgomery's near Sedar [sic] Shoal Creek Suicide small rope
infant February 15, 1845 at the late residence of Samuel Trollinger Unknown
Kent slave January 12, 1845 at the house of David Maberry Natural Causes
infant November 20, 1844 at the house of Henry Alley Unknown

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