Elvin J. Person

First Name: Elvin
Middle Name(s): J.
Last Name: Person

Elvin J. Person Inquests

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Name Deceased Description Date Inquest Location County Death Type Death Method Inquest Finding
Anna G. Goodrich November 10, 1881 at Pelzer, SC Anderson County, SC Accident train

do say that. . .near Pelzer Depot. . .Goodrich was then and there killed by the Greenville and Columbia train having accidentally run over her.

infant March 30, 1874 at Silas Kay's Anderson County, SC Unknown

do say that the said child came to its death by injurys [sic]?by violence or otherwise unknown to us.

James Jenkins May 30, 1875 at Robert Spence's [?] Mill Anderson County, SC Accident

It appears that deceased came to his death by mischance or misfortune or accidental drowning in the mill pond at Robert Spences

John Maddox June 15, 1881 at Williamston Anderson County, SC Accident

do say that the aforesaid John Madox came to his death by his own act of going into the Saluda in said county^ River and getting drowned.

John Williams February 9, 1879 at the house of Newton Perry [?] on the plantation of Thomas Cox Anderson County, SC Natural Causes

do say, that deceased [John Williams] came to his death by dropsical affiction.

Lila Gambrell October 21, 1875 at the house of Ran Duckworth Anderson County, SC Natural Causes

do say that the said Lila Gambrell came to her death by mischance produced by personal epolepsy [sic].

Nelson Right September 6, 1873 at or near...Darm Creek Anderson County, SC Homicide knife

do say that the said Nelson Right . . . [came] to his death from a wound in left shoulder in . . .knife or some other sharp instrument. The wound was in between the sholder blade and in a downward direction towards the heart?the said wound was inflicted by the hand of Robert Robertson

T. J. Blaydon November 30, 1878 at or near Hugh Mahaffey's on the Greenville and Columbia Rail Road about two miles below Williamston Anderson County, SC Accident train

do say that the said T. J. Baydon came to his death by being under the influence of liquors and being on the Grenville & Columbia R. R. Trac [sic] and was run over by the down freight train (No. 6) and instantly killed

Thomas Dalton February 8, 1882 at Williamston Anderson County, SC Accident

do say that in their opinion the said Thos Dalton by abcess on the[?] part of the head which was accidentally[?] effected and caused his death.

white child white child January 20, 1871 at Wilson's Bridge Anderson County, SC Homicide

do say that it appears that the deceased was willfully killed, by some person or persons unknown

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