Charles Allen

First Name: Charles
Last Name: Allen

Charles Allen Inquests

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Name Deceased Description Date Inquest Location County Death Type Death Method Inquest Finding
Child of Mary Muree Child of Mary Muree October 8, 1833 at the meeting house nown by the name of Pleasant Hill Laurens County, SC Natural Causes

do say upon their oaths, the affore said child then and their died of the visitation of God, and not otherwise.

Jack February 12, 1830 at John McClintock's Laurens County, SC Accident

do say upon their oaths they believe he came to his death by burning and not otherwise.

Ned December 12, 1835 at Joel Dendys Laurens County, SC Accident

do say upon their oaths the deceased came to his death by the Effects of Cold and other causes not Known.

Rody Kennedy November 30, 1830 at the house of Rody Kennedy Laurens County, SC Accident

upon their oaths do say that the said Rody Kennedy came to his death on the morning of this day on his own plantation by means of the contents of a loaded shot gun being discharged in his body. The Jurors aforesaid say they have no positive evidence the gun was discharged, but from the circumstances coming before them and have no doubt it was discharged by the said Rody Kennedy himself.

Thomas Anderson March 24, 1835 at Laurens Court House Laurens County, SC Accident

upon their oaths do say that Thomas Anderson being highly intoxicated, walked into a deep pool of water inadvertently and was drowned.

William Dillard November 28, 1833 at Pleasant Hill Church Laurens County, SC Homicide rock

upon their othas do Say. That Said William Dillard came to his death by a rock or brick thrown at him by James Dillard in Self defence.

William Owens October 13, 1831 at the Machine house of Pressley Owens Laurens County, SC Suicide

do say upon their oaths - not having God before his eyes but being Seduced by the Devil at the Machine hoise of Pressley Owens standing and being the said Wm. Owens being then and there alone with a certain cotton plough line which he then and there had and held in his hands and one end thereof he then and there put about his neck and the other end thereof he tied about the rib of the aforesaid Machine house and himself then and there with the cord aforesaid Voluntarily and feloniously and of his malice aforethough hangd and sufficated [sic]...

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