Spartanburg County, SC

County Name: 
South Carolina

Spartanburg County, SC Inquests

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Name Deceased Description Datesort descending Inquest Location Death Type Death Method
Rolen Hutcheson January 3, 1803 at the dwelling house of William Davis Homicide shovel
Benjamin Farmer April 9, 1804 at the dwelling house of Benjamin Farmer Homicide
William Stone November 1, 1809 at James Arnold's Homicide pine stick
Andrew Craig December 1, 1813 at Cyrus Seay's Suicide
William Cockerham December 16, 1813 at the Widow Bea[?]'s Suicide
Burrel Evins November 23, 1814 at the dwelling house of Daniel Evins Unknown
infant January 8, 1815 at the plantation of James Leatherwood Homicide
Bailey Redman June 28, 1817 at Brockman's Mill Accident
John Jones December 16, 1817 at John Jones's Natural Causes
Samuel Kelso December 21, 1817 at the plantation of Sam'l Kelso Natural Causes
Edmund Chambers November 18, 1819 at the house of Edmund Chambers Natural Causes
Woodward King July 16, 1820 at Capt. Boles[?] Hamilton's Accident
Joseph Davis September 9, 1820 at the house of George Miller Unknown
William Brotton October 1, 1820 at the house of Ely Vice Homicide
Henry Johnson November 6, 1820 at the [?] of John Mavis[?] Unknown
John Nesbitt March 27, 1821 at Benj. Wofford, Esquire's Accident
Booker negro March 30, 1823 at the plantation called Flint Hill[?] Accident
Nathaniel Miller September 2, 1825 Natural Causes
David Weatherspoon April 5, 1827 at the dwelling house of Thomas Davis Suicide
Giles Summer April 24, 1827 at Palmer A. Higgins' Suicide rifle
Elizabeth Low June 19, 1828 Unknown
Emeline Low June 19, 1828 Unknown
Adam slave December 29, 1828 at the house of Jesse Crook Homicide large stick
Jesse Wood April 13, 1829 Unknown
Benjamin Wood May 8, 1829 at the house of Benjamin Wood Natural Causes
David Dantzler June 29, 1829 at Nazareth Meeting House Accident
Dave slave February 6, 1830 at James Brockman's Mill Accident
William Brice July 11, 1830 at the house of Jesse Wakefield Accident lightning
Simon slave December 24, 1830 at the house of Mrs. Mary Moore Accident
Caleb Woodruff February 5, 1831 at Bethel Meeting House Accident horse
John Stafford December 16, 1831 Accident
John Love June 24, 1832 Other
Jerry slave July 15, 1832 at Spartanburgh Courthouse Suicide
Jacob Briges September 18, 1832 at the house of Jacob Briges Natural Causes
Elisha Himbry October 11, 1832 at the house of William Himbry Natural Causes
Edom slave November 7, 1832 Homicide whip
Saul slave January 9, 1833 at Cowpen Furnace Accident
Samuel Flagg February 18, 1833 near Wilson's old field Natural Causes
Benjamin Freeman June 24, 1833 at the home of Isaac Hill Accident
infant September 19, 1833 at the home of William Griffin Homicide
Maty slave December 10, 1833 at the dwelling house of Jesse Hammet Accident
Broderick Mason April 3, 1834 at the house of Broderick Mason Accident lightning
Cinthy April 3, 1834 at the house of Broderick Mason Accident lightning
Rebecca Hendrix June 11, 1834 at the house of Capt. Peter Hamilton Accident
slave slave March 10, 1835 at the house of W.W. Dickies Accident
Henry Standard October 28, 1835 at the dwelling house of Robert Martin Other
Edward Simpson January 9, 1836 at William Simpson's Accident horse
Lodrick Dobson February 18, 1836 at the dwelling house of John Sarratt Accident
Isaac slave May 16, 1836 near Cowpen Furnace Accident
William Gaston April 30, 1837 at the house of James N. Gaston Accident

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