James Powell

First Name: James
Last Name: Powell

James Powell Inquests

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Name Deceased Description Date Inquest Location County Death Type Death Methodsort ascending Inquest Finding
John South September 30, 1818 at Allen Clarks Laurens County, SC Homicide stone

doth say on their oathes - after the Exammination of the body of said John South they found the head of the said John South cut and his mouth mashd. Or broken by a stroke made their on - and from Information the said stroke was made by Richard Manning with a stone which we believe to be the Cause of Death of said John South deceased.

William Washington August 11, 1813 at William Washingtons Laurens County, SC Suicide

Do say upon their Oaths that they have carefully Examined the body; which they believe to be the Body of Wm Washington Deceasd. And have also Examined Seven witnesses on the occasion [sic] and from the greatest Discovery which they are capable of making, Do believe that Wm Washington on Sunday the 8th of this inst left his family in the morning and at sometime of that day; after putting fourteen sttones in His... pockets; which would weigh About 20 weight; and tying of a plow hoe about His neck; threw himself into ready river and their by Drowning of himself - near to a place known By the name of the Flat Shoal.

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